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~Featured Gown: Tempest~

Tempest Folage

Though the Tempest gowns have been out for a long time, I never did get to formally blogging them, and I felt today I should, instead of continuing on in my lazy procrastinating I’ll-get-to-it-eventually attitude. Honestly, I got so carried away with all the other things I was creating that I forgot about blogging it, and when I did remember, I promptly forgot again in a short span of time.

Tempest Ocean

Well at last here it is, a proper post with proper pictures to show you, dear reader, this gown. Tempest is meant to be everything fairytale, an elegant princess frocked in rich hues that catch every eye, with a crown that tells the whole world whom she is.

Tempest Ruby

Yes, the crowns are included! The majority of these gowns have a gold/diamond version, but the Coal and Snow varieties include silver/diamond to compliment the silver trim on the gown itself.

Tempest Sapphire

There’s more after the break, including more images, so please do read on!



Happy Friday, everyone!

Mira Irridescent

Today, I’m making a release that is my favourite of everything I’ve made to date. It embodies a lot of factors I find really appealing, ruffles, bows, lacings, and more. I love it so much, that without realizing it, I made in total 30 variations of it. While most of these are going into regular release, there are two that will be special and separate, more on one of those later in this post.

Mira Blue Steel

This post will be very picture heavy, just a warning!

Mira Ruby

The prim work on the ball gown skirt was painstaking, and the result is a skirt that is both pretty and that flows very nicely with your movements. All of the screenshots in this post are untouched except for cropping and the addition of borders.

Mira Snow 2

Her name is Mira. With rich fabrics, scattered sparkles for adornment on her hem, and much versatility, she can change her look to match her desires at a whim.

Mira Lilac

Mira includes with it three skirts, a gorgeously lush ball gown skirt, a simpler skirt (think Hope gown), and a short ’Maid’ skirt for a sweet yet sexy look.

Please read after the break for more information and many more pictures.



Hope - Ruby

Whilst many of you have already, or are enjoying, the Ice Hunt, you’ll have noticed that one of the snowflakes leads you to the North West corner of Avilion Peninsula, where there’s a location of the Sanctum quite a bit smaller than the main. It’s purpose is to be a home for discounted items that would otherwise be retired due to lack of room, as well as to house some of my personal favourites of the things I’ve made over time.

The majority of the sim is meant to be a pretty place where you can explore and spend some time, bring friends and just hang out if you wish. The first theme is Winter, of course, but in time another theme may be rendered and the Wintry dreamland tucked safely into the memories of those who enjoyed it while it was still there.

Hope - Amethyst

In this post I’m going to show you one of my newest releases that coincided with the opening to the public of ’A Sanctum in the Snow’ (Avilion Peninsula) and that is the Hope gowns. All images shown in this post were captured in Avilion Peninsula.

Hope, takes two forms, both different from the Christmas Day offering from the Advent Calendar. One version, simply dubbed ‘Hope’ is the simple skirted version as sent to the Subscribo members on Christmas Day, which includes both sleeved and sleeveless options and a lush, fairly slim skirt that moves beautifully with your every motion.

Hope - Periwinkle

The other, is Hope Deux, the more Baroque inspired version that’s skirt is adorned with panniers and includes an optional belt of diamond snowflakes and silver threads to embellish the already lovely, regal look of the gown.

Hope - Sapphire

Hope is adorned with silver snowflakes on both bodice and hem of skirt in both styles, and in all colours. Also, for those who like both looks, you can purchase ‘Hope Duos’ which include all pieces from ‘Hope’ and ‘Hope Deux’ at a significant discount from buying both separately.

Hope - Onyx

Hope was originally intended to be available only in pastel shades, but after making the Ruby version, and loving it so much, I decided to make it available in a range of pastels and jewel tones. Because of this, it’s available in a total of 13 different colours, a large range that will carry at least one hue for every taste.

Hope - Snow

For more images, please read after the break.


~Ice Hunt~

So, to go along with the new releases this week, there’s also a much larger chunk of news, that being the Ice Hunt that many of you have already heard about.

Ice Hunt Ad

Thanks to the wonderful support of you beautiful ladies who frequent my store and support my work, I’m able to give back in a way in the form of a pretty sim with public access. Avilion Peninsula is that. To celebrate, the Ice Hunt is taking place on that sim (Avilion Peninsula) and you can find an information notecard as well as landmark at both the entrance to the sim and at my main store.

Ice Hunt Poster 2

The above and below images show what you’ll get in the hunt, if you collect all 7 ‘Perfect Snowflakes’ that come in each one, and put them in a folder with your name and ‘Ice Hunt’ in the title and send it to me (Kouse Singh) you’ll receive a special bonus prize!

Ice Hunt Poster 1

Now, further, if you find Avilion Peninsula to be beautiful, as many of your notecarded comments have already said, I strongly urge if you haven’t yet to explore the rest of the Avilion roleplay sims. They are my home in SL and I love them all dearly, they, and the community, are more beautiful and full of soul than anything else I’ve encountered. If Medieval/Fantasy roleplay is what you’re after, you’ll find your home here. Please read the charter over and abide by it to have the most pleasant time possible, also.


Gloria 1

This is Gloria. She’s a lady who prefers the simple things in life, and enjoys comfortable clothing that isn’t overly complicated or too ornate. And thus, the gown, Gloria, that harkens back to Medieval traditions of simplicity and comfort for every day wear, with a touch of elegance.

Gloria 2

The gowns consist of a white under shirt with an overdress, the latter of which is what bears colour. The wearer has the option to wear the gown without the cute sculpted sleeves, and further still, without the sleeves at all (the sleeves are on the undershirt layer) for a elegant bare-armed look.

Gloria 3

These gowns are available in a multitude of colours, and in the spirit of the winter, a special white edition was also made, but it will be limited in it’s release. There will be a limited buy vendor up, it’ll start with 25 copies of the ’Snow’ version of Gloria, and, at a later date, perhaps a few more will be released.

Gloria 4

I leave you now, with many pictures to follow that illustrate the Gloria gown series. Of note, the pictures were all taken at Avilion. If you’ve never been there, do go. No SL is complete without having stepped into this magical land. More pictures after the break.



Diana 3

The first releases of the year are now available, with more coming soon. First though, are two, Gloria, and Diana. Diana is the one that I will feature in this post.

Diana 1

Diana, is a gracefully flowing dream when worn, I love prancing around in it myself for how the prims move so beautifully as I walk, dance, and are otherwise mobile.

Diana 2

Some variations of the gown are solid coloured, whilst some, like the Ariel gowns, use a blending of two main hues. Flora is an example of this, blending both red and green, as is Aurora, which mixes purple and blue.

Diana 4

It incorporates a sweet bustle on the back, as well as a bodice that reveals a tasteful amount of skin, both on the back, and décolletage. It is available in more colours then are shown here, so please visit the Sanctum to take a look at all available shades.

Diana 5

Diana 6

Diana 7

Diana 8

~Happy New Year!~

Resolution Gown - Black - Ad

In the spirit of the New Year, I’ve resolved to…just keep trying to create better and better gowns and things. I hope you’ll all join me in celebrating by enjoying this previously unreleased gown, Resolution, in Midnight, for just 1L.

Hurry to get it, it’s at the main store. When I’ve gotten around to finishing all the colours of it, it’ll be repriced.

Also, thanks to many, many notecards, I’ve decided to preserve the Advent Calendar items. They’re on the third floor, with a sign above titled ‘Holiday Items’. The prices are a bit higher, but still greatly discounted from the original versions of the items in the case of gowns. Enjoy!


Grace Midnight

So you’ve found yourself in the midst of a troubling dilemma. You want an addition to your wardrobe that isn’t quite Medieval, something that is unique, whimsical, both realistic and improbable at the same time…but above all, something that isn’t going to break the bank. Where can you find something that fit’s the bill so well?

Grace Amethyst

Let me suggest the Grace gowns. At just 200 little Lindens, they’re quite the bang for your buck, and available in a host of colours. I found myself drawn to my home, Avilion, for these pictures, on the Avilion Nexus sim. Please do stop by there if you’re a fan of roleplay, combat, and pretty scenery, but remember there are rules (do read and adhere to have the most pleasant time possible).

Grace Folage 2

From the ornamental embroidery in silver thread upon the hem, to the silver clasps on both back and front of the bodice, to the eye catching pattern upon the bodice itself, it’s a sweet little gown for every day wear.

Grace Teal

The prim skirt has a subtle bustle, and the flex prims move softly and gracefully, thus helping the gown live up to it’s moniker. For simplicity’s sake, there are only three pieces to attach, a break from cumbersome packages with too many pieces to count. Bodice on the shirt layer, glitch pants on pants layer, and prim skirt, which, as per usual with Sanctum gowns, attaches at the stomach.

Grace Dark Cherry
This gown was first featured in the Advent Calendar, so, if you’ve taken advantage of that Yule time tradition, you’ll be familiar with the Dark Cherry and Dark Emerald shades already.

Grace Snow

I’ll end the text here, and let the images do the talking. As a final note, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. I am excited and happy to be able to start another year off, even more so to be welcoming another year for Kouse’s Sanctum. Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes over the holidays, they made my days and kept me sane.

Grace Dark Emerald

Grace Aqua

Grace Sapphire

Grace Folage

Grace Bubblegum