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Crystal Gowns

Crystal - Antiquity - Ad

At last the Crystal gowns have been released. The Twilight (baby blue) edition of this gown was given as a freebie to the members of the Kouse’s Sanctum update group.  Available at the main store in a total of seven colours, however anyone wishing to have a custom colour can IM Kouse Singh and it will be arranged.

Jewelry is the Hope Collection in Gold and Sapphire, also available at the Sanctum.

Lady Serenity Gowns

Lady Serenity - Myst

Step into a Medieval Fairytale and discover the lady Serenity gowns. Created to honour the Lady’s Druid side, these gowns are available in six gorgeous shades inspired by nature. myst, forest, water, earth, snow, and midnight.

Princess of Light Circlets

Simply elegant circlets, handcrafted with care. They are available in a total of 18 different metal/gem combinations. To be fully appreciated they must be viewed in world. A display showcasing these circlets has been set up in the Sanctum’s main store.


Princess of Light - Gold - Aquamarine

Maria Gowns

A little bit of Marie Antoinette meets Gothic influence in these gowns, available in ruby, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst.

Maria - Ruby

Eilistraee Sets

Eilistraee - Midnight

The first ever sets from the Sanctum that can be worn both as a gown and as combat clothing. it is highly recommended that the prim belt buckle for the pants only be worn when not wearing the prim skirt or system skirt, but rather only when wearing it as combat clothing. These sets are available in nine vibrant colours, including a white and silver version, official colours of the Eilistraee priestesses.

Gothic Rose Redux

The original Goth Rose gowns were revamped to create a new set of stunning ball gowns.

Gothic Rose Redux Ocean

Available in the same shades as the original Gothic Rose gowns, this set also comes with the pewter Ankh choker the original sets did, which compliment the set nicely.

The Hope Collection

This set is high detail, full prim hand crafted jewelry. Available in a total of 18 different gem/metal combinations, with 2 metal types (silver and gold) and nine gem types.

Each set includes:


Prim counts are as follows:

Circlet – 129 Prims
Earrings – 34 Prims each
Necklace – 143 Prims

Hope Collection - Gold - Diamond

Lady of Shallot

Lady of Shallot - Cerulean

Inspired by the Tennyson’s masterpiece poem comes the Lady of Shallot gowns. This series artfully blends Medieval and Victorian into something unique. Included in the set are shoes to match the gown, and a complimentary matching circlet.

Available in eight hues, there’s something to please everyone in this set. The eight colours are sapphire, violet-red, emerald, cerulean, teal, golden, crimson and amethyst.

Sparkle Gowns

Sparkle - Silver

The sparkle gowns are a unique collection. Each set comes with the four different skirts picture in the ad, which gives the wearer options to toy with when deciding how they will wear it. The silver gown, pictured above, is the only one in the series with the lovely multi-coloured hologram effect, the rest sparkle in delicious monochrome. The gown set is available in nine stunning shades, silver, gold, pink, purple, ocean, sapphire, ruby, lime, and aqua.

2007’s Yuletide Gowns

The Yuletide gowns marked Kouse’s  first attempt at creating fur. The gown is still available in Ruby and in Sapphire in the Main Store and on SLX, each version coming with the fur trimmed cape pictured.

Yuletide Gown - Ruby