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Featured Gown: Gaia

Gaia Gowns 2

Today I’m doing a post to give this gown the attention I feel it deserves. Though I made it a long time ago, it’s still one of my favourites. Gaia was one of my first attempts at incorporating nature into a gown and I think that for a first attempt, it went fairly well. With its detailed fabric and oak leaf trim, it captures nature in a unique way, each of the seven available colours lending a different quality to the textures.

Please read the rest of this post, which is after the break!


Sneak Peek at the Mayah Tiara


Here it is! Everyone who participates in the second photo contest (the one running now) will receive this tiara as a thank you prize. Please note that the tiaras will be distributed on the same day as the rest of the prizes. Many entries have already been receieved and they’re just beautiful…think you have what it takes to win this contest? Please be sure to read the rules before entering, the prize schedule is there, also.

A Quick Update…And a Freebie!

The Elven Queen gowns were removed from both Sanctum locations earlier today. I’m working currently on a number of things, with priority on creating new gowns and other items, updating the XStreetSL listings, this blog, and reworking the Elven Queen gowns into an updated version.


Some of you may have also noticed that the Avilion Vale location is looking a bit different – I’ve created new display walls to replace most of the larger, more cumbersome walls that the newer items were being displayed on. I’m also going through the process of updating some ads to match the newer ad style with more fluidity.

Today, I sent out a special gift to the update group members – the new Natalie hair style in five exclusive colors not released in the store. If you are in the update group and missed it, please check your past notices and be sure not to miss it.

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~Natalie Hair~

Kouse's Sanctum Natalie Hair Ad

Finally, I’ve made another hair style, called Natalie. It’s only the third style I made, with the Cherie and Elizabeth styles having been made a long time ago. I feel happy with how the Natalie style turned out and I’m happy running about wearing it in various hues.

This elegant updo with it’s few escaping wisps of hair is now one of my favourite styles, as I was able to create something I’d long envisioned but never quite found.

You can find it in the Sanctum now, along with the floral hair accessories that, though designed for the Natalie style, can be adjusted for any number of other hair styles from any number for stores. The Natalie hairs are available in colour packs, but with two new shades, Glossy Black and Chocolate brown. When I have time, I’ll be creating more shade textures for future hairstyles.

Kouse's Sanctum - Natalie - Hair Accessories Ad

More pictures after the jump.


Constanze Petite!

Constanze - Bubblegum - Petite

As you can see, the Constanze gowns are now available in child size form! I’ve had more requests for child sized gowns, so, I decided these would be the first in line to get recreated to cater to the sweet, beautiful little princesses of the Grid. I welcome requests or suggestions for what should be made child sized next, and encourage that these suggestions be sent via note card so they don’t get lost along with my IM cap.

Also, if anyone is missing a completion prize after submitting their tokens from the Allegra Hunt, please don’t hesitate to remind me about it, and I’ll deliver the prize as soon as I confirm the submission.

There are a few more examples of the new petite versions of Constanze after the break.


Elven Queen Gowns Retiring

As you may know, the Elven Queen gowns are one of the oldest, and most popular, parts of the Sanctum catalogue. I was still very, very knew to creating things when I made them. I’m in the process of updating the prim work to create entirely new versions. This will take some time, but, in the mean time, the versions now available are going to be retired. They’ve been discounted to 100L and will disappear in a few days, so, if you haven’t yet gotten them and want to, now is the best time.

The Elven Queen - Silver Midnight

Also, I’ve been made aware of a glitch in SL that’s tampering with the permissions on some goods. If you’ve been a victim of this glitch on a purchase from the Sanctum, please, report it to me with details on how the permissions were changed, and I‘ll replace the item(s). If the replacement doesn’t fix the problem, we’ll figure something out, even if it is waiting until a fix is made my Lindens to replace the items.

A Magical Photo Contest!

Photo Contest Poster

It’s been nearly a year since the first Kouse’s Sanctum Photo Contest, and now, it’s time for another, with prizes even grander than those of last year. This is partly in celebration of the newly opened Kouse’s Sanctum Flickr group (please take a moment to join it if you use Flickr, it can be found at http://www.flickr.com/groups/kousessanctum/ ).

Kouse’s Sanctum has been around for just over two years now, and to thank all of you, the customers, that support it and allow me to create my art within this world, there will be several special things happening at the Sanctum soon. This Contest, is one of the larger ones. I hope you all enjoy, participate, and have a lot of fun with this.

The theme for this contest is ‘magic’. You can interpret it any way you like, be it fancy spells, romance, fairytales, anything you feel has a magical element.

Guidelines: Any SL resident may enter this contest with a maximum of three entries given the following circumstances are present:
i) They submit a photographic entry for the contest to ‘Kouse Singh’
ii) The entry demonstrates a product from Kouse’s Sanctum worn on it’s model, either gown, jewellery, or a combination of both.
iii) Images must be given full permission for display purposes.
iv) Images may be raw screenshots or may be edited using image manipulation programs such as PhotoShop, Paint.net, Paint Shop Pro, and so forth.
v) Entries must have a title, preferably followed by the creator’s name. If name or title is not present, one will be made for you.

There will be two categories of entries that will be judged by myself and a select panel of judges. The categories will be: A) Digitally Manipulated Images, and B) Screenshots. The images will be judged on how well they fit the theme, as well as the skill with which they were presented. We’re mostly looking for the types of images you would hang on your wall as artwork, but candid shots may also work wonderfully depending on how they‘re done.

Submissions may be made at any time after the release of this notice and ending on August 19th. Judging will begin August 20th, and prizes will be awarded once the three judges have made their deliberations. Also, a notice with the names of the winners will be posted to the Kouse’s Sanctum group, the Kouse’s Sanctum blog, and may be posted in other fashion related blogs.

Prize Schedule:

First Place:

-A custom gown designed to your specifications and named after you.
-A special Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree…choose any 25 items from the store you like!
-A gold trophy commemorating your victory.
-A special unreleased jewellery set (that may be released at a later date).

Second Place:

-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you can choose any 10 items you like.
-A silver trophy commemorating your victory.
-A special jewellery set (this will be a different set from the first place, and may also be released at a later date).

Third Place:

-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you can choose any 5 items you like.
-A bronze trophy commemorating your victory.
-A special jewellery set (unique from both first and second place winners)

Runner-Up Prize:

The number of runner up prizes will be determined by the overall number of entries. 50 entries will mean 5 runner ups, 70 will mean 7, and so forth.

-A Kouse’s Sanctum shopping spree in which you may choose and 3 items you like.

All participants will receive a special prize for their efforts, the Mayah Tiara, which is currently not for sale.

The first 15 entrants will also receive a special unreleased colouration of the ‘Tempest’ gown!

That’s all the fine print, happy picture making! Myself and the judges look forward to seeing your lovely creations. Please also note that entries will be posted to the Flickr group, which is part of why we need full permissions on the entries. Without full permissions, your work cannot be properly displayed, and cannot win.

If you have any questions at all, please send Kouse Singh a note card with your question and it‘ll be answered as soon as possible.

And Now, Catching Up…

So here’s the post outlining the newer releases in the Sanctum. As I mentioned earlier, there’s some jewelry, in the form of a necklace, available in both silver and gold. Now, I need customer feedback. Please drop a note on me if you feel so inclined, and let me know the following things:

-Do you want to see more 100L jewelry? This would include pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc, all sold separately, perhaps also available combined in a set at a discount also (IE necklace, earrings, and bracelet at 250L instead of 300L separately).

-Do you want to see other metal varieties available instead of the regular silver and gold, and if so, which metals?

-Do you want to see the Allegra gowns from the Allegra Trinket Hunt available at some point in the store, or maintained as a limited edition item?

-Do you want to see more scavenger hunt type events in the store? Other types of events? Please let me know what kinds, I want to run events that you, the customer, most want to see.

These questions have been rattling around in my head some time, and I’d really appreciate the feedback. I’ll weigh all opinions I hear and run with what the majority agree with.

Now on to the new releases, the jewelry, is a fairly simple, yet pretty necklace, called Cadence. Here’s one of the ads for it:
Cadence Necklace

Also fairly new are the Ryel gowns, named after a friend of mine. They’re available in pastel and jewel tones, all with white trim.
Ryel Gown

And the Christina gowns, inspired by the beauty of the Maple trees I so adore in my homeland of Canada. These are available in several shades, and the few fortunate were able to pick up a limited edition called Canada that marked Canada Day, in a slightly brighter shade of red, to match the Canadian flag.
Christina Gown

June Flew By…Here’s Some of the News

For me, June was an incredibly hectic month in my real life. After the incidents of reformatting my computer, I ended up having to replace my hard drive entirely, which was annoying, but I am in love with the new one. There’s a few new releases in the store, including some very affordable jewelry, and some new gowns. I’ll elaborate more on the new releases in another post.


In lieu of the regular monthly freebie, I elected to wait awhile and give instead, the Allegra Trinket Hunt. At present it’s set to run until the 15th, but I may extend it if the demand is there, and so far it’s leaning that way. The details for the hunt are as follows:

-The hunt is entirely on the SeaBreeze Oasis location of the store.

-To complete it, you must find a total of 8 hidden trinkets, there’s a trinket box at the New Releases area with the story to accompany the hunt.

-When you open each trinket, inside is a different color of the Allegra gown, matching the larger gem on the trinket that held it.

-Also inside each trinket is a numbered token.

-When you collect all eight tokens, by placing them all into a folder with your name on it, then submitting it to me (Kouse Singh) you’ll receive a special prize for completing the hunt.

If you have any questions regarding the hunt, feel free to contact me in world via a notecard. I stress this, because my IMs are constantly capped, and a notecard will ensure that I receive your message. If you submitted a completed folder with all eight tokens, and haven’t received your prize within 24 hours, please send a note, as your folder may have gotten buried. To all those who have already completed the hunt, I congratulate you, and thank you for taking the time to participate.

The success of the hunt, and the kind notes of thanks and compliments have made my day every day since the hunt began. I can’t begin to express to my customers how much I appreciate you all, you sweet fine ladies (and some gents) are the reason why the Sanctum exists, and I consider it an honour to be able to serve you.