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Ariel - Black1

So, as I twittered the other day, and mentioned earlier, the Subscribo hit over 1,000 members. To celebrate this there’s a little gifty for the members, Ariel in black. it can be found in the Subscribo group’s past notices, and also in the main store for 100L for the non members for a limited time.
Ariel - Black2


Rhapsody - 1

It’s been a while since the last release, my apologies for this. As usual, I’ve been busy. But not too busy to create a new release, and not so busy that I didn’t notice the Subscribo hit over 1,000 members. We still have well over 1,400 people in the old update group, however. Migration is a good idea, as there’s a free gift waiting for you if you do. Both the Subscribo and the old group will still receive the same messages.

Rhapsody - 4

Anyways on to the new release. Rhapsody is a gown meant to flow seamlessly between Medieval and more Victorian themes. Available in 11 colours, at both light and dark end of the spectrum there’s something for just about every taste.

Rhapsody - 2

There are two skirt styles, and two sleeve styles included. The first skirt is a traditional over/underskirt combo, which looks lush and soft upon sight, and creates a classic ball gown appearance. The second is the more Victorian leaning skirt, which, with it’s lovely bustle and carefully hand-crafted bow trimmings, gives a romantic, elegant feel. The bows on this version of skirt are met with a square cut diamond pin.

Rhapsody - 5

Also included, as a bonus, are a matching choker and hair pin. I really enjoyed making these gowns, though I was very pressed for time in doing so. I’d also like to mention that there is indeed a fat pack available, giving you the option to get all eleven shades for just over 25% off the regular price.

Rhapsody - 6

In taking the pictures for this post, I ended up travelling to many places on the Grid for those special places…ones that really caught my eye. The majority of them are from New York themed sims (Acropolis and Staten Island), as well as Paris 1900.

Rhapsody - 3

I’ll give a bit of info about the Ariel gown in Black in the nest post. Also, I noticed a few people have found my long dormant Twitter, and are following me. If you’d like to follow it now that it’s more active and get real time updates on what’s going on with the store (and myself) you can find it here.

Rhapsody - 7