Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Ice Hunt~

So, to go along with the new releases this week, there’s also a much larger chunk of news, that being the Ice Hunt that many of you have already heard about.

Ice Hunt Ad

Thanks to the wonderful support of you beautiful ladies who frequent my store and support my work, I’m able to give back in a way in the form of a pretty sim with public access. Avilion Peninsula is that. To celebrate, the Ice Hunt is taking place on that sim (Avilion Peninsula) and you can find an information notecard as well as landmark at both the entrance to the sim and at my main store.

Ice Hunt Poster 2

The above and below images show what you’ll get in the hunt, if you collect all 7 ‘Perfect Snowflakes’ that come in each one, and put them in a folder with your name and ‘Ice Hunt’ in the title and send it to me (Kouse Singh) you’ll receive a special bonus prize!

Ice Hunt Poster 1

Now, further, if you find Avilion Peninsula to be beautiful, as many of your notecarded comments have already said, I strongly urge if you haven’t yet to explore the rest of the Avilion roleplay sims. They are my home in SL and I love them all dearly, they, and the community, are more beautiful and full of soul than anything else I’ve encountered. If Medieval/Fantasy roleplay is what you’re after, you’ll find your home here. Please read the charter over and abide by it to have the most pleasant time possible, also.

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