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Muriel Poster I

Before I forget, again, here’s a newish release: Muriel. A gown with Victorian edge that is available in two varieties: One color, as shown above, or with a black skirt, and colored bodice over white lace, as you can see below. Each type is available in a variety of colors at Kouse’s Sanctum now. The jewelry set worn is the ‘Fleur de Tillie’ set from the Krystal jewelry brand. You can find these jewelry sets both at Kouse’s Sanctum, and at the Krystal main shop.

Muriel Poster II

Also of note, my skin is from LAQ, and my hair is from Truth. Eyes by Rosemarie Indigo.

A Preview of ~Jayne~

Jayne - Gown - Promo

I’m currently in the midst of plotting for this year’s Fashion for Life event, so this post is going to be short and sweet: The new ‘Jayne’ gowns will be coming soon, to Kouse’s Sanctum. But first, you can find this special promo version at the main store, for 99L