Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

Model Information

Snow White Queen AKA My 1000th Image

If you’re interested in applying to be a store model for Kouse’s Sanctum, you’ve come to the right place. The Kouse’s Sanctum modelling program has been under testing for some time, and an official method of payment for active models has been arrived at. Please read the outline here completely before deciding if you agree with the terms or not, and if you do agree, submit your application to Kouse Singh via notecard in world.

  • Please be aware there’s a backlog of applications right now, and they’re being accepted under two criteria: Order in which they were received, and eligibility based on acceptable completion of the application.
  • You don’t need any previous modelling experience to be accepted as a model at Kouse’s Sanctum, but experience with modelling may help you while working with us.
  • Payment is as follows: You may request one item for every one day that you model for a minimum of two hours at the store. AFK modelling is permitted, but it is preferred you can be on call in the case that a customer may require assistance. For this reason, knowledge of the floor plan of the store will help, as well as knowing key information about Kouse’s Sanctum F.A.Q.s.
  • New models will undergo a trial period of one week before being accepted as a long term model. When you are accepted, you’ll be contacted to once again ask if modelling is of interest to you. Upon your response, if you agree, you’ll be given the “Sanctum Model” tag in the Kouse’s Sanctum group, and may then commence your trial period.
  • How do you pass the trial? You may request any one gown to start with. If you can find time to model at the store for the minimum two hours at least three times in the first week, you will be accepted.


Payment works as follows: For each calendar day that you are able to sit on the stand for the minimum time, you may request any one item from the store. These requests may be tallied up by you and submitted to Kouse Singh via notecard at the end of the week (Fridays or Saturdays). The more you work, the more you can ask for! This system is meant to be as flexible as possible. Keep in mind though, that you will be asked to check in and out. Failure to check in and out will result in rewards not being redeemed.

If at any time, you feel you have too many other commitments to continue modelling with us, please let me (Kouse) know in advance. You will be welcomed back whenever you are ready to continue, should you still want to.

Still want to apply? You can copy and past the below information into a notecard, and fill it out. Before you send it to me, please retitle your note to “Model Application (Your Name) – (Date)

Kouse’s Sanctum Model Application:
SL Name:
Rez Date:
Hours available (in SLT):
Any past Modeling experience within SL:
Preferred colours:
Headshot or other SL portrait: (Please drag and drop onto this note.)
That’s all the rudimentary info, please contact me (Kouse Singh) with any questions. If you are considered I’ll contact you to give you more detailed info on the job itself and requirements needed.

Thank you for your interest!

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