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~Featured Gown: Tempest~

Tempest Folage

Though the Tempest gowns have been out for a long time, I never did get to formally blogging them, and I felt today I should, instead of continuing on in my lazy procrastinating I’ll-get-to-it-eventually attitude. Honestly, I got so carried away with all the other things I was creating that I forgot about blogging it, and when I did remember, I promptly forgot again in a short span of time.

Tempest Ocean

Well at last here it is, a proper post with proper pictures to show you, dear reader, this gown. Tempest is meant to be everything fairytale, an elegant princess frocked in rich hues that catch every eye, with a crown that tells the whole world whom she is.

Tempest Ruby

Yes, the crowns are included! The majority of these gowns have a gold/diamond version, but the Coal and Snow varieties include silver/diamond to compliment the silver trim on the gown itself.

Tempest Sapphire

There’s more after the break, including more images, so please do read on!

Included are top, glitch pants, prim skirt, a sweet little bow that rests on your rear, prim sleeves, prim collar and of course, as mentioned earlier, a crown.

Tempest Royal

Tempest Dawn

Tempest Irridescent

Tempest Snow

Tempest Coal

As a note, the hair is from Sky Everette Designs, and the skin os from LAQ. Other jewelry accessories (except crown) is from Avilion Mist.

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