Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Gloria 1

This is Gloria. She’s a lady who prefers the simple things in life, and enjoys comfortable clothing that isn’t overly complicated or too ornate. And thus, the gown, Gloria, that harkens back to Medieval traditions of simplicity and comfort for every day wear, with a touch of elegance.

Gloria 2

The gowns consist of a white under shirt with an overdress, the latter of which is what bears colour. The wearer has the option to wear the gown without the cute sculpted sleeves, and further still, without the sleeves at all (the sleeves are on the undershirt layer) for a elegant bare-armed look.

Gloria 3

These gowns are available in a multitude of colours, and in the spirit of the winter, a special white edition was also made, but it will be limited in it’s release. There will be a limited buy vendor up, it’ll start with 25 copies of the ’Snow’ version of Gloria, and, at a later date, perhaps a few more will be released.

Gloria 4

I leave you now, with many pictures to follow that illustrate the Gloria gown series. Of note, the pictures were all taken at Avilion. If you’ve never been there, do go. No SL is complete without having stepped into this magical land. More pictures after the break.

Gloria 5

Gloria 6

Gloria 7

Gloria 8

Gloria 9

Gloria 10

Gloria 11

Gloria 12

2 responses

  1. Cloe Oxidor

    How do I join the SL group for your shop? I would love to be in it. Do I need to go somewhere to? Oh, and is the secret chamber inside a store, or completely elsewhere?

    January 17, 2010 at 6:41 pm

  2. kousesingh

    There are currently two methods by which you can receive updates and gifts from the Sanctum, there is an in-world group you can find by searching for ‘Kouse’s Sanctum’ in the groups tab, or, you can use the subscribe-o-matic if you don’t have a spare group slot or just prefer that method over the in world group. 🙂

    January 17, 2010 at 7:37 pm

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