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Happy Friday, everyone!

Mira Irridescent

Today, I’m making a release that is my favourite of everything I’ve made to date. It embodies a lot of factors I find really appealing, ruffles, bows, lacings, and more. I love it so much, that without realizing it, I made in total 30 variations of it. While most of these are going into regular release, there are two that will be special and separate, more on one of those later in this post.

Mira Blue Steel

This post will be very picture heavy, just a warning!

Mira Ruby

The prim work on the ball gown skirt was painstaking, and the result is a skirt that is both pretty and that flows very nicely with your movements. All of the screenshots in this post are untouched except for cropping and the addition of borders.

Mira Snow 2

Her name is Mira. With rich fabrics, scattered sparkles for adornment on her hem, and much versatility, she can change her look to match her desires at a whim.

Mira Lilac

Mira includes with it three skirts, a gorgeously lush ball gown skirt, a simpler skirt (think Hope gown), and a short ’Maid’ skirt for a sweet yet sexy look.

Please read after the break for more information and many more pictures.

Mira Dark Sapphire

Also included are stockings, garter, and ruffle sleeves. I wanted to create a pretty doll like look, and, especially with the ball gown skirt, I feel I’ve achieved that.

Mira Dark Emerald

The lacings on the bodice add extra touches of flair, the bodice itself allowing you to reveal some skin while still being tasteful.

Mira Blood

There are several types of colours available, and they can be classified by group for simplicity’s sake:

Mira Blizzard


These colours are iridescent in nature, which utilize more than one hue to create the look. One main colour accompanied by subtle hints of complimenting colours give a bit of extra depth.

Mira Dawn


These colours are shades I don’t use very often anymore, but have elected to create due to customer requests, including an eye popping yellow (Daffodil), green (Emerald), and more. These colours can be classified as defying natural hues because of their brightness.

Mira - Snow


These are the jewel tones, but also encompass the more muted tones, like Lilac, Blue Steel, and Meadow (green)

Mira Noir Ruby


A special set of Mira gowns that are black, trimmed with another colour, example Noir Blanche (the short skirted version of which is quit similar to a French Maid costume, ooo la la!) and also Noir Blood, a gothic version.

Mira Noir Blanche

To see all of the colours, please visit Kouse’s Sanctum and take a look around.

Now, about the special ones…

Mira - Bumblebee

Mira Bumblebee is a little bee costume that includes the wings! It’s in store for just 50 lindens.

Another special edition will be coming out soon, but more on that later on.

Mira Sapphire

Mira Emerald

Mira Onyx

One response

  1. Lady Liria (SL)

    This Gown is one of the prettiest, most feminine I have seen….
    The amount of colors make this — simply a must have…….
    Lady Liria

    April 1, 2010 at 4:11 pm

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