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Halloween Goodness

Princess of All Hallows Eve

The members of my subscribo-matic group were presented with the above gown, Princess of All Hallows Eve, for the price of just 50L. This gown is a Limited Edition, and after Halloween it will dissapear from the store forever. The good news is, even if you are not a group member, you can still pick it up until November the first.

This also offers a glimpse at a forthcoming release. The ‘Princess’ gowns will be out soon in a variety of colours, so stay tuned!


Seraph - Black

It’s been a while, and the pending works in my inventory are begging me for completion. As I try to find time for all of them, I’ve managed to at least get one new one out, Seraph. I’ve elected to keep this post decidedly succinct, and in keeping so, I will skip ahead to the main points of interest in the Seraph gowns.

Seraph 3

They are simple, yet elegant creations, each with handsome gold trim (save the black version, which also bears a silver trim option), and they’re only 250L!

Seraph 2

More to come soon, lovelies…