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Some Pretty Pictures

The lovely Villemo Inglewood has kindly allowed me to share her beautiful images on my blog! Yay! So here’s the first post showing some of them. You can take a look at her entire stream on Flickr here.

As discussed in a previous post, the Skye gowns are a new, more modern addition to what’s available at the Sanctum. Anyway, I’ll keep the text light, enjoy the rest of the pictures!

All images are by Villemo Inglewood, used with her permission. Her Flickr stream is here. Thank you Villemo!


Skye Wine

For those of you who like things a little more modern, Skye might be a style for you. Designed with an asymmetric bodice and plenty of little details. Made available in a wide array of colors for a selection sure to please. You can find it at the main store now!

Skye Aurora

There are three color types within one big display to make all easy to find, there are solid colors in both pastels and jewel tones, black with colored trim, and of course some that mix multiple hues, like the ‘River’ and ‘Aurora’ varieties.

Skye River

Visit the main store to take a look! And one of the models may be there wearing it, so you can see it in person, too.

Sky Ruby


Gowns: Skye from Kouse’s Sanctum

Skin: Angelica from Kouse’s Sanctum

Hair: Tatum from fri.day

Locations: Garden of Dreams skyboxes – check them out!