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Tempest Gowns and April Group Gift

Alrighty I’ll keep it brief…and mostly pictoral. The April group gift will only be in the store for a limited time. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll put it in the secret chamber. And, the ads for the rest of the series, the colors available for sale to all, will be after the break. By the way, the full prim tiaras in the ads are included with the gowns!

Kouse's Sanctum - April Group Gift


Constanze Draw Winners:

I’ve been busily working creating new things, and neglected to post this! Sorry times one billion to my readers. Here are the names of the five lucky winners:

Salem Pussycat
Kismet Dyrssen
Leri Miles
Suzie Merlin
Isidora Jennings

Congratulations once more to the winners, their prizes were delivered the day of the draw.