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~Advent Calendar~

In case you’ve missed it, here’s a recap of the items in the Advent Calendar at Kouse’s Sanctum. All items are now available and will remain so until the end of the year. This post is picture heavy so I’ll keep the text light. Enjoy!

Kyrie - Mini Dress - White

Dec First

Snowflake Bracelet - Ruby

Dec Second

Aurora Christmas Edition

Dec Third

Grace - Christmas Red

Dec Fourth

Let it Snow Earrings - Silver

Dec Fifth

Lynet Christmas

Dec Sixth

Let it Snow Bracelet SIlver

Dec Seventh

Nahlayea Candy Cane

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Glimmer - Midnight

It’s somewhat of a rare commodity in Kouse’s Sanctum to find a specifically Empire waisted gown. In light of that I felt that it would be a nice change of pace to create exactly that, and Glimmer is what arose from that train of thought.

Glimmer - Ruby

Utilizing rich hues and silken textures it’s a lovely, flowing gown that, with it’s cute prim sleeves and sash waist looks charming and timeless.

Glimmer - Sapphire

To add a touch of spice to the gowns, I’ve scattered silver sequins upon the bust and hem which, in world, truly appear to glitter as you move.

Glimmer - Amethyst

Also included with each version of the gown is a shorter skirt, so that you get a real bargain, two looks for the cost of one.

Glimmer - Back

The pictures for the post were taken at the castle at a charming little role play area called ‘Hammerfest’. I recommend venturing there to explore it, it’s very pretty, and the people there are very cordial and accommodating.

Glimmer - Cerulean

Also, I’ll mention that the Advent Calendar is still going! Christmas is getting close now, and I’m eagerly anticipating it myself. If I don’t see you before then, may you have happy and safe travels this Holiday Season.

Glimmer - Emerald


Monarch - Sapphire - Unicorn

The Advent Calendar is going into it’s second week, and along with it comes a new release, the Monarch gowns. If you haven’t stopped by to peek at the Advent Calendar, please do so when you have time, all items from past days are still available and will remain so until the calendar is removed.

Monarch - Silver Midnight

The Monarch gowns are a regal addition to the Sanctum. They are so called because of subtle Monarch Butterfly influence on the embroidery that adorns the bodice and them hem of the skirt.

Monarch - Emerald

The gown’s belt, which comes as a separate attachment from the skirt, is comprised of delicate sculpted flowers and leaves resting upon a delicate golden rope. With it’s richly coloured textures and a price that makes your cheque book happy, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe, for any time of year.

Monarch - Sapphire

A few people have been asking about the gown featured in the ‘Merry Christmas’ sign on the advent calendar, and if it’s for sale. The good news is, no, it’s not currently for sale, but, it’s the Advent Calendar’s gift for Christmas Day, so it will be available soon!

Monarch - Snow

Monarch - Ruby

Monarch - Amethyst

Monarch - Silver Midnight 2

~Lynet Fae~

Lynet Fae Sapphire

The Lynet gowns have found anew manifestation in the Sanctum. For the first time, there’s a uniquely Fae version, that includes matching wings. With a short, ballet style skirt and prim sleeves, it’s a fun little outfit to romp around in.

Lynet Fae Ruby

It wasn’t a surprise that I ended up in the lovely Chakryn forest yet again while taking pictures of Lynet Fae. The place has the magical touch that I love, and I find myself drawn to it a lot. I suggest exploring it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Lynet Fae Onyx

Each colour that the original Lynet gowns are available in is also now available in a Fae version, and each of the shades are pictured here in this post. There’s a little something for every facet of the personality.

Lynet Fae Ocean

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