Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Lynet Fae~

Lynet Fae Sapphire

The Lynet gowns have found anew manifestation in the Sanctum. For the first time, there’s a uniquely Fae version, that includes matching wings. With a short, ballet style skirt and prim sleeves, it’s a fun little outfit to romp around in.

Lynet Fae Ruby

It wasn’t a surprise that I ended up in the lovely Chakryn forest yet again while taking pictures of Lynet Fae. The place has the magical touch that I love, and I find myself drawn to it a lot. I suggest exploring it for yourself if you haven’t already.

Lynet Fae Onyx

Each colour that the original Lynet gowns are available in is also now available in a Fae version, and each of the shades are pictured here in this post. There’s a little something for every facet of the personality.

Lynet Fae Ocean

There’s more pictures after the jump, so please do take a look.

Lynet Fae Forest

Lynet Fae Dawn

Lynet Fae Amethyst

Lynet Fae Snow

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