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Ivyana Gown - Ivory

The Ivyana gowns have a history behind them. In preparation for Miss Virtual World 2010, Ivyana Szondi approached me regarding a custom gown for the competition. What she envisioned was an elegant, simple and clean cut evening gown with a form fitting skirt, that flared below the knee.

After a long, long time of fiddling with the skirt to try to make it just perfect, I’ve decided finally to recolor the gown in eight new colors, and release them.

Ivyana Gowns Black

Ivyana includes top, glitchpants, system skirt, and prim skirt (six attachment points worth to ensure the best possible movement) and prim brooch. It’s available at the main store now, in seven pastel shades, and in black.


Johanna - Dreaming

Johanna is one of the newest releases from Kouse’s Sanctum. It’s one of three gowns made available today, the other two will be discussed later. Johanna isn’t just a gown – it’s also a jewelry set. Both are displayed on the first image. Utilizing vibrant colors and intricate primwork, it’s a labor of love that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Johanna - Visitation

I made Johanna with a key thought in mind – versatility. Wear the belt and matching jewelry for a more role play oriented look, or take off the belt itself and you’ll be left with a striking formal gown. The hair roses are included, and match the sculpted roses on the belt, with silver leaves and stems, and petals of fabric.

Johanna - Turning to the Shadows

The gowns are available in several deep jewel tones, and the jewelry, sold separately, is available in both silver and gold, with gem change scripting. More pictures and credits after the cut!


~Celtic Magic Hunt~

Celtic Magic Hunt Item - Fiona Circlet

As you may know, it’s been some time since I’ve participated in a hunt as a merchant. However, this small hunt was too special to pass up! I made the Fiona circlet especially for this event. It has never been sold in store before. Not only that, but its stone is a lovely, brand new blue stone texture that I’ve never used on anything else. To pick up this exclusive circlet absolutely free, look for the small Triskelle in the main store.

Need a hint? Here it is:

Keep your eyes upon the ground, near some furnishings is where I’ll be found.

I hope you’ll enjoy not only the circlet, but the entire hunt and the goodies therein. It may be a small hunt, but it’s a good one! Stores include yours truly, Avilion Mist, Emo-Tions, Trident, Mikki Miles, and more! The hunt began on November 5th, and will run until the 15th. Enjoy!


Charlotte - Emerald

I made something new! Well, not really new, not to me, anyhow. The textures for Charlotte were originally made months ago, but somehow, I’d forgotten all about them, until stumbling on them again a few weeks back and deciding “Hmm, I really need to make something with this.” What followed is what you see before you know, the Charlotte gowns.

Charlotte - Dawn 2

I wanted to create it with a Victorian kind of bustle, but I also appreciate that not everyone cares for that. The bustle is hence -optional- and is part of the belt attachment. Charlotte is available in nine regular colors, mainly deep jewel tones, but also a white version. There’s also a wedding version in the Bridal section of the store, which includes puff sleeves and a veil as bonuses.

Charlotte - Ruby

And for those who love to accessorize, I’ve also made a matching  jewelry set, also named Charlotte. You can see it, and more pictures of the Charlotte gowns, and info on how to get yourself a 500L avatar, after the break. 🙂