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I’m still catching my breath from this Holiday season, and it’s not quite over yet! Everything on the Advent Calendar is still there at very low prices. After New Years it’ll be moved, and the prices on the items will increase, so if you want to pick them up while they’re still a steal, now is the time!

Victoria Diamond

December was a pretty quiet month for me release wise. Why? Because most of the time I was working, it was either on goodies for the Calendar, or on one of the three gown sets I’ve been working on concurrently. Two of those are now out: Victoria, and Melody. In this post, I want to give you a glimpse at Victoria.

Victoria Seas II

I paired this gown with the Fiona circlets, which were first offered in a limited edition for the Celtic Magic hunt in November. The circlets are now available in the main store in silver, gold, and wrought iron varieties, all of which have texture change, allowing you to choose from many pearlescent textures.

Victoria Ruby

The Victoria gowns, and the circlets, will both give you points on your customer appreciation HUD when you wear it for shopping. Also, I’ve managed to find time to install the scripts for the system into just about every vendor in the front half of the store. The exceptions to this are the items on the Advent Calendar, and the cheapies at the front that run under 100L.

Victoria Violet

Victoria gowns are available in 10 colors (not counting the Holiday themed ones in the Calendar). Some of the tones are vibrant jewel tones, while a few are a little more muted. Each set includes top on jacket layer, glitch pants, prim skirt, and chest prims. The chest prims may need slight adjustment, depending on your shape, but I’ve made every effort to make editing it as easy as possible.

More pictures and info about the first customer appreciation reward after the break.



Artemis Frost

Artemis is one of two new releases out at the Sanctum now. Though I originally made the textures for Artemis over a year ago, various attempts at prim work left me very dissatisfied – until this carnation. The sets include system layers, prim sleeves (upper and lower), an over skirt of sculpted prims, and the traditional flex prim underskirt, as well as the sculpted drape sash that falls from left to right.

Artemis Lavendar

There’s more than new releases at the Sanctum this week, though. I’m proud to announce that the second annual Christmas Advent Calendar is now up! Due to time constraints, I’m only able to let you see the first week’s worth of goodies in advance, but I’m working overtime to get everything else ready as soon as possible. Just like last year, one new item will be made available for purchase each day from now until the 25th! You can find the Advent Calendar in the same area that the Halloween countdown was.

Artemis Sweet Grass

Also new to the Sanctum is something that’s been in the works for a long time – a customer appreciation program. Atzel Congrejo of ACD has been an excellent help in bringing it into being, and now it’s ready for you to enjoy. For those who are either in the in-world update group or have joined the Subscribe-O, you’ll have been sent a box which contains the release note, as well as the HUD and information about this new system. You can also get one by clicking on the sign in the front of the store.

To begin, it’s the new releases that are compatible with the system, but I’m working to add more to it, so that every purchase you make will gain you points whilst wearing the HUD. It’s as easy to use as possible – promise! All you have to do is wear the HUD, and make sure you use ‘pay’ instead of ‘buy’ when shopping – that’s it!

When you get your HUD, you start with 3 free points. Most of the forthcoming items you can redeem the points for will cost between 10-20 points, so before long, you’ll be able to redeem for exclusive items that won’t otherwise be available for sale.

Artemis Nile Blue

With that said…Happy December!

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