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So I named this newest gown after a dear friend, Maelenn Catteneo. They’re part redux of a really old gown, called Calliope (if anyone even remembers that one), and part new thing.

I made them for regular avs, and also for the petites avs, as well. There are also modesty options available in store. The regular sizes include the following pieces: system shirt bodice, glitchpants, chest bow, skirt, and sleeves. The Petites include: bodysuit, chest bow, skirt, and sleeves.

Mae - Gown Poster

These gowns are available in a total of 14 colors, all of which, you can find after the break.

Mae - Gown - Frosting

Mae - Gown - Charcoal

Mae - Gown - Blue Steel

Mae - Petite Gown - Rose

Mae - Petite Gown - Wine

Mae - Petite Gown - Lilac

More pictures after the break!