Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Glimmer - Midnight

It’s somewhat of a rare commodity in Kouse’s Sanctum to find a specifically Empire waisted gown. In light of that I felt that it would be a nice change of pace to create exactly that, and Glimmer is what arose from that train of thought.

Glimmer - Ruby

Utilizing rich hues and silken textures it’s a lovely, flowing gown that, with it’s cute prim sleeves and sash waist looks charming and timeless.

Glimmer - Sapphire

To add a touch of spice to the gowns, I’ve scattered silver sequins upon the bust and hem which, in world, truly appear to glitter as you move.

Glimmer - Amethyst

Also included with each version of the gown is a shorter skirt, so that you get a real bargain, two looks for the cost of one.

Glimmer - Back

The pictures for the post were taken at the castle at a charming little role play area called ‘Hammerfest’. I recommend venturing there to explore it, it’s very pretty, and the people there are very cordial and accommodating.

Glimmer - Cerulean

Also, I’ll mention that the Advent Calendar is still going! Christmas is getting close now, and I’m eagerly anticipating it myself. If I don’t see you before then, may you have happy and safe travels this Holiday Season.

Glimmer - Emerald

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