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Angelica Skins…Tudor Gowns…Oh My

Tudor Black

There’s so much going on these days, it’s difficult for me to keep up. Between real life, Second Life, and all both entail, I’ve had to force myself to slow down a bit on the creation. 60L Sundays, Regular releases, planning for events like Relay for Life, and all the rest is keeping me busy so to anyone who feels neglected on account of it…I’m sorry…and I welcome your verbal whippings.

Tudor Chocolate

What I do have for you, is Tudor, a gown based greatly on styles worn by the likes of Anne Boleyn and Katherine of Aragon. It’s almost a redux of ‘Boleyn Girl’ a familiar and popular staple of Sanctum offerings. I’ve made it in 11 shades, all of which are vibrant and eye-catching. For those who want a hint of what’ll be in store for Relay for Life, look back upon the more recent releases. Some of them will be appearing in limited edition shades!

Tudor Red

Now to discuss the Angelica skins for a while. I felt it would be best to first display them in a regular post, showing how they work with my gowns. I’ve made them in makeups that go with a lot of the gowns, that’s the reasoning behind some of the shades that aren’t commonly worn on the lips, like the blues and greens. ‘Water’ editions for example, were made specifically to match the ‘Water’ version of Diana. The Aurora Major group gift was crafted to match the Aurora version of Diana, as well.

Tudor Indigo

With these skins, I wanted lush makeups that were glossy but not trashy, eyeshadow that wasn’t “too much” and cleavage that was a bit more subtle. I have received a lot of feedback about the skins, and that feedback will influence future skins. Before any new skin styles will be made however, I’ll be expanding the tones that Angelica will be available in.

Tudor Aurora

The first tone was a really light pale, the second, newly available, is a light tan, which is more of a natural tone. Deeper tans and darker tones will be coming in the future, so if the really light tones aren’t for you, but you otherwise like the skins, keep an eye out!

Tudor Emerald

There are more images after the break, so please read on if you’d like to see them, or you can also find them on my Flickr Stream.



Coming Soon - Phillys - Snow

Good afternoon my dears!

So far this year there’s been a lot of Sanctum news. And this week is no exception from that. The gown release this time around is a much more modern, contemporary look, and I felt, a necessary change of pace. Spring is coming, and so in anticipation of that, what could be better then something fresh and new? And of course, perfect for outdoor romping!

Phillys Folage

Phillys is an empire waisted gown that also includes a shorter skirt option, like Glimmer. It’s a clean and simple design, meant to look more comfortable and fun then elegant or refined. And, it’s in a range of bright colours perfect for enjoying spring, when it does finally arrive, or to help chase away the winter blahs.

Varda Mask from Illusions

In the making of the pictures for this post, I found much use of the gorgeous creations of Siyu Suen, owner of Illusions. She is a lovely lady with an absolute gift for creating stunning accessories, and you can find all the masks pictured here, and the mouth rose, at her shop.

Phillys Sapphire

The Lady of Shallot gowns have been moved to the Discount area in Avilion Peninsula. They’re some of my oldest work, but are staying around due to customer demand. Also, Diana gowns are now available in child sized versions, you can find them in the sky box where the other ‘Petite’ gowns are, a teleport sign is near the entrance to the main store. Seraph gowns will also soon be available in child size! If you use a child sized avatar and have a specific design of mine you’d like to see resized, please don’t hesitate to send me a note about it, that’s how the one’s that are now available in that form came to be.

Phillys Aqua

In other news, there is also new in the Sanctum is my first ever skin line, but I’ll discuss that in a later post. I will say however, that a special version of this skin, called ‘Candy’ was given to members of the inworld group along with the update notice last night, and a different version will be delivered to the subscribo members soon.

Phillys Amethyst

There’re more images after the break, so please feel free to take a look!


~Magic and Romance Hunt~

Glimmer - Magic and Romance Hunt Gift

This is just a quick post to plug the hunt, and show what you’re getting when you pick up my Rose.

If you haven’t heard about this hunt yet, drop by my store and click on the sign for information. It began today, and will continue on to March 7th. There are a lot of free pretties to be had, and it’s a fun hunt, so why not join in? The above image is my offering, a recolour of Glimmer.

Also, the 50L Mira Bumblebee costume is still up in the main store. Work is in progress on a new gown, so I’ll keep it brief. Have a lovely day!