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Irridae - Amethyst - Close Up

One of the newest releases in the Sanctum (Kouse’s Sanctum, that is), is Irridae. It’s a set with several options for wearing, from modern, to fantastically fantasy. I’m showcasing the ball gown style skirt in this post, but each set also includes a cute knee length skirt perfect for a casual outing or even am evening of cocktails, as well as a short skirt for those who prefer the freedom. Also, each Irridae set comes with it’s matching jewelry..a choker and two versions of full prim little crown…a straight version and a crooked one for theĀ mischievousĀ among us.

Irridae Sapphire

There’s a wide range of jewel tones, and pastels with white lace overlay. Two types of the black version, are available, as well, one with white lace overlay, one with black. A Bridal version of Irridae can also be found in the Wedding section of the main store. It is different from the main release, in that it includes only the pieces from the ball gown version, and a matching veil, the essentials to looking radiant on your special day. To see how the wedding version looks, click here to see the dress, and here to see the veil.

Irridae Campino 2

The mini crowns (crooked versions) are also available as a standalone item in both gold and silver. These versions include gem change scripting, so that, like with most jewelry pieces from Kouse’s Sanctum, you only need touch the item while wearing it to view the menu, and select your gem choice from there.

Irridae Midnight


Gowns and jewelry: Irridae from Kouse’s Sanctum

Skin: Alison (Glow) from LAQ

Hair: Roxana from Truth Hair

Eyes: Various colours of Antonia Eyes by Rosie’s Thingies

Location: New Trails

Irridae Campino 3