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So what’s up?


So, I have a confession to make. I’ve been busy. My apologies for the slowdown on the release schedule, but I really, really, -really- needed a little break. While I’m not at full steam yet, new things are in the works and will be out soon. For anyone who missed the Canada Day and American Independence Day items, they’re still available, albeit not at the significant discount they were at prior to July 5th.

American Independance Day 2010 - Dress Ad

American Independance Day 2010 - Ball Gown Ad

Canada Day 2010 Dress Ad

Canada Day 2010 Ball Gown Ad

A few ladies sent me notes and pictures (I do always love pictures) of themselves in these gowns after winning contests with them. Yay! My congratulations to these ladies, and thank you for sharing that with me. 🙂

The first image in this post, gives a little glimpse of the gown that’ll be coming out later today, Claudia. There’ll be more new stuff, too, keep an eye out for the release note.

That’s all for now, be safe and have fun. 🙂