Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Advent Calendar~

In case you’ve missed it, here’s a recap of the items in the Advent Calendar at Kouse’s Sanctum. All items are now available and will remain so until the end of the year. This post is picture heavy so I’ll keep the text light. Enjoy!

Kyrie - Mini Dress - White

Dec First

Snowflake Bracelet - Ruby

Dec Second

Aurora Christmas Edition

Dec Third

Grace - Christmas Red

Dec Fourth

Let it Snow Earrings - Silver

Dec Fifth

Lynet Christmas

Dec Sixth

Let it Snow Bracelet SIlver

Dec Seventh

Nahlayea Candy Cane

More after the jump.

Dec Eighth

Lynet Christmas Fae Alternate Version

Dec Ninth

Snowflake Bracelet - Emerald

Dec Tenth

Let it Snow Choker

Dec Eleventh

Grace- Christmas Green

Dec Twelfth

Cyrenia Deux - Christmas

Dec 13th

Kyrie Mini Dress - Red

Dec 14th

Princess Christmas Edition

Dec 15th

Kyrie Mini Dress - Green

Dec 16th

Nahlayea Christmas Green

Dec 17th

Lynet Fae Christmas Edition

Dec 18th

Winter Holiday Hair Pin

Dec 19th

Cyrenia Mini Dress - Christmas

Dec 20th

Nahlayea Christmas Red

Dec 21st

Snowflake Tiara

Dec 22nd

Cyrenia Christmas Edition

Dec 23rd

Hope Mini Dress

Dec 24th

Hope Gown

Christmas Day

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