Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

Store Policies/Help & F.A.Q

Please do not IM me/send notecards before reading the following. This will help speed up the process and help me serve you better. If I do not respond to you my IMs may be capped; no not think I am ignoring you, please try to contact me again a few hours later. Please respect the fact that I am a busy person, but I will serve you as soon as I am able.

  • No Refunds: refunds on purchases will not be made. Exchanges or store credit only, except in the case of undelivered goods or mistake double purchases of the same item. Those two instances are the -only- exceptions where refunds will be issued.
  • Any disputes about purchases must be adressed within 24 hours of the puchase being made. We all know SL has glitches, so in the event of a transaction not going through properly, missing items etc, make sure to do the following:
  1. If your item(s) are not showing up in your inventory, log out of SL and then back in and look again. Most times this will solve the problem. This is an SL problem, not a store problem.
  2. If the item(s) are still missing and you contact me about it, I cannot help you unless you provide the transaction number. This can be found by going into secondlife.com and looking at the transaction history of your account. The transaction number serves as a receipt, it will help me address the issue if you can prvide this.
  3. Items are no copy because you have transfer rights on items you buy from the Sanctum. Of you modify an item it is at your own risk, exchanges or store credit will not be given for this.
  4. It would be safer and quicker to send me a notecard if you have a problem. Outline the problem in the notecard, include the transaction number, and the name of the item in question. Any disputes about purchases must be addressed within 24 hours of the transaction. If you are needing assistance/help with an item, please read the notecard that came with the item (if applicable). If your question/concern/problem falls outside what is decribed in a notecard that came with the product I’ll help you to the best of my ability.
  • Permissions: Gowns will always be no transfer. Prim parts will be modifiable. All parts will be copiable. I highly recommend making backups before editing anything. Jewelry, except under a few circumstances, is no copy/no mod, to allow for gifting. Need a mod copy? Let me know via notecard, including your transaction info, as this is the proof of purchase. Jewelry provided in this manner will not be transfer. If SL glitches and a part that should be mod on a gown is not, please let me know, I’ll resend the parts. This -usually- clears up the issue.
  • For prim skirts on gowns: If you feel uncomfortable making adjustments to prim parts on items and you need a skirt modified, I can fit the skirt for you free of charge. However, I need to know the hip size of your AV. If it’s 100 or 0 don’t expect miracles, but just about anything else can be done. Expect your skirt to be sent back to you fitted within 3 days, though it may be sooner.

-Kouse Singh