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Busy Little Bee

No I’m not hiding from this blog. I’ve been drawing lots and lots of textures…and nearly forgot about this thang. So, to make up for that, let’s do a little catching up in mostly pictures! Many new gowns and jewellery as well are now in the Sanctum, this is just a sampling.

fete circlet - Silver

Fete Circlets, available in silver, gold, and bronze.

Star - Ruby - Ad

Star gowns, available in multiple colours, one of the cheaper gowns in the Sanctum as well.

Contesse - Azure - Ad

Contesse takes aspects from 18th Century fashion, and it’s available in several colours.

Kyra - Ruby - Ad

Kyra is available in 5 colours.

Monica - Ocean - Ad
Monica is a little more modern. Available in multiple colours.

Marguerite - Azure - Ad

Marguerite is a clean cut Medieval gown. It’s available in siz colours presently.

Mia - Emerald - Ad

Mia blends the Medieval with modern tastes. It’s in five colours right now.

Serena - Blood - Ad

Five more colours of Serena bring the total number of available colours to ten!

Vivienne ii - Aurora - Ad

Vivienne II in five colours, released shortly after Vivienne.

We’ve also released our first hair style, as well. Cherie is available in 31 colours. Drop by the Sanctum in either Avilion Vale or SeaBreeze Oasis for a demo! SeaBreeze Oasis also has been rebuilt and revamped.

Thank you to all of you reading this blog and to my customers…you are the fabulous people who make designing worthwhile.