Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Hope - Ruby

Whilst many of you have already, or are enjoying, the Ice Hunt, you’ll have noticed that one of the snowflakes leads you to the North West corner of Avilion Peninsula, where there’s a location of the Sanctum quite a bit smaller than the main. It’s purpose is to be a home for discounted items that would otherwise be retired due to lack of room, as well as to house some of my personal favourites of the things I’ve made over time.

The majority of the sim is meant to be a pretty place where you can explore and spend some time, bring friends and just hang out if you wish. The first theme is Winter, of course, but in time another theme may be rendered and the Wintry dreamland tucked safely into the memories of those who enjoyed it while it was still there.

Hope - Amethyst

In this post I’m going to show you one of my newest releases that coincided with the opening to the public of ’A Sanctum in the Snow’ (Avilion Peninsula) and that is the Hope gowns. All images shown in this post were captured in Avilion Peninsula.

Hope, takes two forms, both different from the Christmas Day offering from the Advent Calendar. One version, simply dubbed ‘Hope’ is the simple skirted version as sent to the Subscribo members on Christmas Day, which includes both sleeved and sleeveless options and a lush, fairly slim skirt that moves beautifully with your every motion.

Hope - Periwinkle

The other, is Hope Deux, the more Baroque inspired version that’s skirt is adorned with panniers and includes an optional belt of diamond snowflakes and silver threads to embellish the already lovely, regal look of the gown.

Hope - Sapphire

Hope is adorned with silver snowflakes on both bodice and hem of skirt in both styles, and in all colours. Also, for those who like both looks, you can purchase ‘Hope Duos’ which include all pieces from ‘Hope’ and ‘Hope Deux’ at a significant discount from buying both separately.

Hope - Onyx

Hope was originally intended to be available only in pastel shades, but after making the Ruby version, and loving it so much, I decided to make it available in a range of pastels and jewel tones. Because of this, it’s available in a total of 13 different colours, a large range that will carry at least one hue for every taste.

Hope - Snow

For more images, please read after the break.

Hope - Wine

Hope - Blush


Hair: JE Republic
Skin: PXL
Sim: Avilion Peninsula
Gowns: Hope now available Kouse’s Sanctum

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