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Diana 3

The first releases of the year are now available, with more coming soon. First though, are two, Gloria, and Diana. Diana is the one that I will feature in this post.

Diana 1

Diana, is a gracefully flowing dream when worn, I love prancing around in it myself for how the prims move so beautifully as I walk, dance, and are otherwise mobile.

Diana 2

Some variations of the gown are solid coloured, whilst some, like the Ariel gowns, use a blending of two main hues. Flora is an example of this, blending both red and green, as is Aurora, which mixes purple and blue.

Diana 4

It incorporates a sweet bustle on the back, as well as a bodice that reveals a tasteful amount of skin, both on the back, and décolletage. It is available in more colours then are shown here, so please visit the Sanctum to take a look at all available shades.

Diana 5

Diana 6

Diana 7

Diana 8

One response

  1. I LOVE this dress.

    April 2, 2010 at 7:13 pm

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