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25 Roses

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The 25 Roses sale is akin to the Secret Chamber sale of last year, but with a twist. This year, there are exactly 25 items on sale in the secret location (24 gowns and 1 outfit, to be precise). Items on sale are selected best sellers from the main catalogue of the store. Those who purchase all of the items discounted at 100L will receive a 1000L gift card as a bonus.

All of the items in this sale are either red, pink, or both, as this is a Valentine‘s themed sale. The sale will only go on until Midnight SLT on the 14th, so don’t miss out! The secret location is here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SeaBreeze%20Oasis/10/54/379

~Lady LeShelle, Almarea, and the 100L St. Patrick’s Sale~

The first release of Lady LeShelle offered 5 colour varieties, 3 of which were two-tone. The night before last I added 9 new colours, including blood, pictured below:

Lady LeShelle - Blood - Ad

As with the first release, they all have both gold and silver versions of the full prim belts included. They can all be found on the East all of the second floor of the main store.

Also added are the newest release, Almarea. Almarea is a set attempting to capture a little bit of gypsy, includes 12 pieces altogether. The necklaces in each of the ads are among the 12 pieces!

Almarea - Ocean - Ad

Currently there are 7 colours of Almarea, though I may add more as time goes.

And now on the St. Patrick’s Day Sale!

Selected gowns from the Sanctum’s main store will be 100L until Midnight SLT Marth 17th. These gowns include:

-Lady LeShelle, both Tender Shoot and Forest shades
-Celestial Empress in Midnight
-Lady of Shallot in Emerald Midnight
-Eilistraee in Emerald
-Lady Serenity in Forest
-Crystal in Ephemeral
-Anastasia – Strength

The Midnight Kiss Gift

Those of you who missed it, Midnight Kiss was delivered early in the morning of March 14th. It can still be found in the group info on the notices tab, and I hope you all enjoy this gift. Work is in progress for April’s as well as a bunch more new things.