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25 Roses

poster vday4
The 25 Roses sale is akin to the Secret Chamber sale of last year, but with a twist. This year, there are exactly 25 items on sale in the secret location (24 gowns and 1 outfit, to be precise). Items on sale are selected best sellers from the main catalogue of the store. Those who purchase all of the items discounted at 100L will receive a 1000L gift card as a bonus.

All of the items in this sale are either red, pink, or both, as this is a Valentine‘s themed sale. The sale will only go on until Midnight SLT on the 14th, so don’t miss out! The secret location is here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SeaBreeze%20Oasis/10/54/379


The Odette Freebie

As a thank you to all my loyal group members, they receive this month as a freebie, the Odette gown, in this iridescent shade I called Shahzadi. Shahzadi, means princess, of course, and I hope that all the lovely ladies who got (or get) this number feel like one while wearing it. There are two weeks remaining in which the gown will still be in the group archives, so if you aren’t in the group but want the gown, join as soon as possible.

Odette Ad

A New Breath of Life

Good morning darlings!

I am at present yawning and stretching, still trying to wake myself at this ungodly hour of 4am. Why am I awake so early you may be asking. The simple answer is, in my eccentricity, I sleep only when a job is done, so when I wake I can begin something new.

The first thing on this morning’s agenda is to finally post a few things to this blog, first being a much deserved praising of Ando Joubert and his work on my store.


I had seen some of Ando’s work and been so impressed by it, that I did something I had never done before. I hired him to rebuild SeaBreeze Oasis. I have always made reinvesting in the Sanctum a priority however, and this, while investing in my store, also came with tenfold the thrill of your regular shopping spree. After all, a gifted architect was going to build something special to house my creations.

What Ando conjured up was so far beyond my expectations, that, to this day, I still stop and just marvel at the build. After a few lengthy conversations, he seemed to have figured out my inner workings and incorporated things into this build that I did not even mention wanting, this intuitiveness on his part is just awe inspiring.


A perfect example of this, which cannot be well captured via screenshot, unfortunately, is not simply the mirrored floor, although that itself is exquisite. It’s a bit of detail beyond that. Water has always been my element, I live by water, I love the water. For a long, long time, I had wanted to incorporate that into my store without using a fountain, as I did in Vale, and had thought of a transparent floor at one point, that would appear to be glass over water. Ando managed to create that in this build, not the glass, but the water, if you look down at the floor you can just see it…as with so many other things it is subtle, and it’s this subtly that makes it breathtaking.


Ando also saw and remarked on my love of intricate design, scrollwork and the like. This is partly from the jewelry I make, that love of minute detail extends farther into my other builds. This was one of my challenges that caused me to hire an outside builder. I tend to make things too primmy, and, as SeaBreeze is but one quarter of a sim, the prims must be used carefully.

The lighting fixtures in this new build, both the chandeliers and wall mounted fixtures, manage to convey the ethereal curls I so adore, creating an impressive visual impact with considerably few prims. This is a builder who knows his prims intimately and how to bend them to his will.


To back away from the details a little bit, the overall design of the new store is my personal paradise, I will confess. Ando drew from the best facets of fairytale and historical architecture, blending the two seamlessly into my waking dream…my sanctum. The soaring arches create an illusion of a roof while maintaining open air, which to me is divine, for I would far rather look up and see sky than a tiresome and lacklustre ceiling.


When I placed the trees and other green things, as well as the braziers I built for the entrance of the store, I so often found myself mesmerized by how this build, while I never could have imagined it turning out like this, manages to fulfil my every expectation and so much more, I even mumbled to those in my real life that I want to live in a place like that someday (oh my did I lose it? Or no?).


The finishing touch to this masterpiece of building ingenuity is the commemoration plaque, placed tidily at the left of the entrance. It’s such a nice alternative to the large and overbearing signage. Below is a video of the store, combined with the images in this post I hope it does it a little bit of justice.

The New Kouse’s Sanctum Build

I could go on, but, for the sake of keeping this post a reasonable length, I will cease. Ando, it was a pleasure, an honor, and a joy working with you. Thank you for building my dream.

~Anne, Lacrymosa, and the Retirement of Gwyneth~

Anne - Gown - Ruby - Ad

The Anne gowns are up in the main store for 300L, they are available in 7 shades for the adults and currently 6 shades for the Petite. All include top, glitchpants, flex sleeves, ball gown and Empire skirts.

Lacrymosa, pictured below, is in 5 shades, 375L. These are 8 piece sets that include long sleeved and elbow length tops, glitchpants, flex sleeves, and 3 skirts (regular, ball gown, and Empire).

Lacrymosa - Forest - Ad

Lacrymosa - Midnight - Ad

~*~ Retirement of Gwyneth ~*~

One of the first gowns I made, it’s time for her to retire, and so all 6 shades are on sale at the Main store for 25L. April 9th they will be removed so get them while you can. You can find them on the second floor.

Note: Sale price is only in effect at the Main Store.

Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garindan/27/134/253/

~Lady LeShelle, Almarea, and the 100L St. Patrick’s Sale~

The first release of Lady LeShelle offered 5 colour varieties, 3 of which were two-tone. The night before last I added 9 new colours, including blood, pictured below:

Lady LeShelle - Blood - Ad

As with the first release, they all have both gold and silver versions of the full prim belts included. They can all be found on the East all of the second floor of the main store.

Also added are the newest release, Almarea. Almarea is a set attempting to capture a little bit of gypsy, includes 12 pieces altogether. The necklaces in each of the ads are among the 12 pieces!

Almarea - Ocean - Ad

Currently there are 7 colours of Almarea, though I may add more as time goes.

And now on the St. Patrick’s Day Sale!

Selected gowns from the Sanctum’s main store will be 100L until Midnight SLT Marth 17th. These gowns include:

-Lady LeShelle, both Tender Shoot and Forest shades
-Celestial Empress in Midnight
-Lady of Shallot in Emerald Midnight
-Eilistraee in Emerald
-Lady Serenity in Forest
-Crystal in Ephemeral
-Anastasia – Strength

The Midnight Kiss Gift

Those of you who missed it, Midnight Kiss was delivered early in the morning of March 14th. It can still be found in the group info on the notices tab, and I hope you all enjoy this gift. Work is in progress for April’s as well as a bunch more new things.


Lots of New Things and A Sneak Peek

Hello lovelies! So much in store for the Sanctum this spring, but for now let’s just look at a few things:

Elentari Necklaces have been added to go with the Elentari Tiaras! Like the tiaras, these have menu driven gem change, just click the item and pick from 9 different stones.

Elentari - Necklace - Gold - Ad

Elentari - Necklace - Silver - Ad

~Lady LeShelle Gowns~

Named after a very good Druid friend of mine, these gowns capture a hint of her personality. They include the full prim belts pictured, each gown coming with both silver and gold belts.

Lady LeShelle - Midnight - Ad

Lady LeShelle - Earth - Ad

This is just two of the 5 available shades for this gown set. They’re also up on SLX if you want to check them out.

And Now…the Sneak Peek at this Month’s Group Gift:

March Freebie Sneak

On March 14th Midnight Kiss, comprised of Celestial Empress and Elentari tiara & necklace in this special edition of black/pink, will be delivered to the members of the Kouse’s Sanctum update group. All of you who are members keep your eyes open for this, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

That’s all for now folks.


~Elentari Tiaras~

Elentari - Tiara - Silver - Ad

Elentari - Tiara - Gold - Ad

So I’ve finally made a tiara. Granted it’s a bit whimsical, but personally I like it. Not sure how th over all reception to this piece will be, but if you’ve stopped by this blog, please take a second to look at the full size of these images.

Each of these two tiaras are 124 prims. They’re also scripted, so the owner can enjoy menu driven gem change (yay for low lag).

~Petite Gowns~

So many sweet lil faes and so many cute lil people have been asking for small versions of my gowns, that I’ve decided I’ll start making them available in the Sanctum. For some time I’ve been resizing them as requests have come in, but I think making them available small from the beginning will make for faster and happier shopping.

So to start, four gowns are now available in petite sizes. I’ve made the most popular colours from each of four series in the petite size, and more will be coming in the future.
Anastasia - Gown - Pride - Petite - Ad

Lady of Shallot - Gown - Cerulean - Petite - Ad


Anastasia - Pride - Ocean - Ad 2

The Anastasia Series has hit the Sanctum’s main store in Garindan and the shop in Avilion! Each hue of this series (11) was named for a facet of the character of a princess. These are 13 piece sets, and can be worn in several ways, the ad pics only illustrate a few.

~Valentine Rose~

Crystal II - Valentine Rose - Free Sign

Ohh yes my lovelies. Don’t forget to pick up Crystal II – Valentine Rose at the main store (it’s on the second floor) it’s a special freebie to celebrate Valentines. This gown will only be free until February 15th, at which time something special will happen (you’ll have to wait and see). And also my dears the February group freebie is in the works. Keep your eyes peeled for a special gift that will be delivered through a notice soon!