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Here’s some of what Kouse’s Sanctum customers have to say:

Just a few words to say how amazed I am with the quality of your clothes, the texturing is superb and for once a skirt hangs properly and doesn’t have transparency issues. I think they are truly the best creations in SL right now, and I have bought from all the top dress designers under my various alts. I will shop with you again happily 🙂 Thank you for the time and effort you put into everything you do.
Kindest regards,
-Alessia Rodeyn.

I’m sure I speak for many people when I say your generosity and beautiful creations are much appreciated. Thanks for making Second Life such an awesome place. ❤

Emerald Wynn

Dear Kouse,

I do love your gowns, as they’re unique and very feminine. You have a real talent in designing and I hope you’ll delight us SL ladies with more and more lovely dresses for a very, very long time.Keep up the good work, please. 🙂

One of your fans,

-MaryMartha Millar

I was given the awesome priveledge to become an in-store model for Kouse and could not be more honored to display these gorgeous creations of hers, although I have been shopping here since my first couple weeks of joining SL. The convenience of the gem/stone/color change jewelry in such beautifully made and designed pieces is fantastic. The dress designs and beautifully rich, quality textures with really well made prims makes for overall amazing gowns. This high quality prim and texture combination almost seems rare in other shops but is consitent throughout Kouse’s Sanctum. And the movement of the skirts are gorgeous and so.. swooshy! I won’t stop shopping here unless she bans me for drooling on her sales posters of gowns I don’t yet own.
-Neida Rae

Kouse Singh makes some of the best medieval gowns available.  Not only are they high quality but they are a reasonable price.  When you put one of her gowns on, you immediately feel like your a princess in another time and another place.  When I first came to SL I couldn’t afford some of the higher priced gowns.  I found Kouse Sanctum and fell in love with her gowns. Now that I have more lindens I still get my gowns here, and would not change.  Many have commented on how beautiful my gowns are that I wear.  Thank you Kouse for all you have done!
-Daria Guisse

“Some gowns mean more than just fashion… Friendship”

-Maelenn Catteneo

Kouse demonstrates a wonderful talent and offers some of the finest, most detailed work to be found in SL. Her gowns flow like silken waterfalls. This lady has flexi down to a fine art and her detailed and innovative gowns and clothes are stunning works. As good on the avi as they are in the model shots!
-Caz Lobo

“No Fae is ever quite Fae without Kouse’s Sanctum”

-Gertie Packbiers

I’ve worn Kouse’s creations for about two and a half years now and I love them all. Her ability to balance color, texture, movement and light makes her gowns some of the most beautiful to be found anywhere. Her jewelry is delicate and sublime and her painstaking attention to detail is evident in all that she does. To top that, she’s a nice person. If you have questions or a problem or even something special you’d like to see, she is there for you. To sum it up; she is the best.
-Polaris Triellis

Sis K’s gowns (I have called Kouse sis K since 2007 and am proud to be allowed to do so!) have been part of my Second life since 2007. I’ve seen her first skirt in 2007, and I have seen her latest creations. When you live in a roleplay sim, or when you like to go to formal events, you need sis K’s gowns! Her creations vary in color and style, allowing everyone to find some to their liking. And, most important, when you have a problem, you get help. It’s just that extra little something that makes you keep coming back to her Sanctum!”[2010/11/09 14:22]  Osiris LeShelle: Something like this is ok? *giggles*…I refrained from giving a testimonial on each and every gown I have….would take hours!

-Osiris LeShelle


Kouses dresses.. special to any woman that loves any sort of Medieval and fantasy Roleplay.
MY first gown ever was from her, and I was so proud, cos it was beautyfull. And with each release she gets even better and better, im not flattering just the truth. There are so many styles and gowns to choose from, for each taste, each ocassion,  I always find the right one I need within her work.
No matter if I prefer it colorfull one day.. or more realistic medieval the other… and DID you have a look at that wedding gowns.. its a shame one cant marry each week!
Short said.. her work is amazing and along with just a handfull other designers.. shes one of the best in that segment. If it has to be fantasy or medi, you have to go to Kouse and get something!
Besides she is a wonderfull and giving person.. so many gifts always, and  I know she enjoys how ppl love them. thanks Kouse.. for the gifts.. but more for each new design you do.
-Magenta Bing

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  1. Dear Kouse,

    I really love those gowns! i wish i have them 😦 .. it’s so very cute and beautiful .. i like it so much 🙂
    – Joyce Elaika

    May 24, 2012 at 4:30 pm

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