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~Destiny II~

Destiny II - Onyx

For those who’ve been following my work for a long time, it may come to recollection a certain gown from June of 2008, called Destiny. Destiny II is a remake of the original Destiny gown, but yet, redone to a point where it’s a completely unique style of it’s own.

Destiny II - Periwinkle

I wanted Destiny II to feel like a fairytale in fabric. To achieve this I mixed the soft poof sleeves, and panniers on the skirt with an overlay incorporating more of an angular kerchief look. The same is reflected in the sleeves themselves upon closer inspection. This, along with the silver sequins and metallic stars adorning both bodice and overlay, created a gown that I’m very pleased with.

Destiny II - Ivory

Destiny II is available at Kouse’s Sanctum now, in a range of colours, from pastels, to brights, to jewel tones. So whether your preference is for light, sweet tones, bold brights, or dramatically deep colours, there’s something there that’ll be sure to please.  Another image, as well as credits, are after the jump.



Years ago, before I moved away from the City, I met a wonderful, dear friend. Her name is Cassandra – we called her Cassie. A lover of magic and a kindred spirit, she’s forever made an impression on my life and on my heart. I made this gown with thoughts of her, and of our friendship.

Cassie Pixie Stick

Initially made to capture iridescent tones of pastels, there’s also a black, and white version, of Cassie available. She’s a more modern gown, with a halter neck, tying at the nape with a sweet ribbon. The skirt is not too slender or bulky, and moves prettily, especially when dancing. Both the bodice and the belt are adorned with pretty little embroidered butterflies to add a extra touch of detail.

Cassie Salt Water Taffy

The main premise of the gown was simplicity, and I feel it carried through the creation process well. Completing the look is Mima skin from LAQ, and Hot Mess hair, also by Kouse’s Sanctum. The pictures were all taken on the Avilion Nexus sim. There’s a few more pictures after the break, so take a peek!



Nairne Violet

Nairne is something completely different- in Tartan! The gowns are made of, as mentioned, tartan, in a variety of colours, each with chest ruffles, and a portion of the skirt, in creamy coloured fabric, finished off with slightly diagonal lacing on the front of the bodice, and a celtic brooch in silver and with a gem matching the gown on the skirt.

Nairne Large Poster Marina

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Anarella Snow

First off, my apologies for two posts to close together. Again in the theme of some catching up, is another very recent release, Anarella. A few times the question has come up, “Where did the name Anarella come from?” There’s a story involved. I shall keep it brief, though. A lovely lady came to me with a drawn image of a very lovely pink gown. She said she really wanted to see this recreated, and posed the challenge of bringing it to life to me. Loving the image right from the start (and I definitely love a challenge) I set to work on what would turn into a long, painstaking, but worthwhile endeavor.

It was this lady’s mission to find a name for the gown. After several days of deliberation the verdict of ‘Anarella’ came in, as a cross between Anastasia, and Cinderella, a crossing of a real life princess with a tragic story, and the fairytale princess who got her happily ever after.

Anarella Golden Midnight

Created in a bit of a mix of the Rococo and Georgian styles, with my own interpretations mingled in, Anarella began to take shape. But when the gown itself was done, I wasn’t satisfied. It didn’t seem to be…enough. The idea of a hat came, and so I made it. A small woven hat with roses and ribbon adorning it to match each respective gown.

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~Grand Duchess~

Grand Duchess Golden Raven

There’s a lot going on for me right now, a lot of projects that I’m working on that will continue on (some of them) until the end of the year. For now though, it’s time for me to take a break from the sewing machine, and talk about one of the more recent releases.

Grand Duchess Large Poster

Grand Duchess is a gown made almost explicitly for role playing, however it can, of course, be used in other avenues. Designed with slight hints of the Royal Court dress of Imperial Russia (Think Grand Duchess Anastasia) while still carrying a more predominant Medieval flair.

Grand Duchess Ruby

I made Grand Duchess initially as a gown that’s trimmings would only be in gold. However, as in the past, the black variety can be obtained in your choice of gold or silver trim. Tiny pearls are strewn across the embroidered hems for that little extra interest. There’s more after the cut, so please read on.


A Quick Update…And a Freebie!

The Elven Queen gowns were removed from both Sanctum locations earlier today. I’m working currently on a number of things, with priority on creating new gowns and other items, updating the XStreetSL listings, this blog, and reworking the Elven Queen gowns into an updated version.


Some of you may have also noticed that the Avilion Vale location is looking a bit different – I’ve created new display walls to replace most of the larger, more cumbersome walls that the newer items were being displayed on. I’m also going through the process of updating some ads to match the newer ad style with more fluidity.

Today, I sent out a special gift to the update group members – the new Natalie hair style in five exclusive colors not released in the store. If you are in the update group and missed it, please check your past notices and be sure not to miss it.

Much more after the break, so please keep reading.


~Natalie Hair~

Kouse's Sanctum Natalie Hair Ad

Finally, I’ve made another hair style, called Natalie. It’s only the third style I made, with the Cherie and Elizabeth styles having been made a long time ago. I feel happy with how the Natalie style turned out and I’m happy running about wearing it in various hues.

This elegant updo with it’s few escaping wisps of hair is now one of my favourite styles, as I was able to create something I’d long envisioned but never quite found.

You can find it in the Sanctum now, along with the floral hair accessories that, though designed for the Natalie style, can be adjusted for any number of other hair styles from any number for stores. The Natalie hairs are available in colour packs, but with two new shades, Glossy Black and Chocolate brown. When I have time, I’ll be creating more shade textures for future hairstyles.

Kouse's Sanctum - Natalie - Hair Accessories Ad

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