Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Raphaela - Gown - Blush

I’ve finally got to releasing Raphaela, after what seemed like endless tweaking, recoloring, and a few miscellaneous delays. Raphaela is a dream of a gown, bearing ribbons, bows, and roses. The sleeves are optional for wear, consisting of an undershirt layer and prim parts.

Raphaela - Gown - Frost

She’s completed with a choker that reflects the theme of the gown. The bodice laces up on both the front, and the back. You can see all available colors by checking the new main store, my Flickr stream, and soon, on the Marketplace. Speaking of which, many older gowns are now available on the Marketplace, which are being retired from the store. I’ve been spending much of the last week or so working on adding listings to the Marketplace, and now there are already over 900 Kouse’s Sanctum goodies available, including not only gowns, but also jewelry. You can take a look here.

Raphaela - Gown - Overcast

You can see a few more of the ads after the cut!

Raphaela - Gown - Marine

Raphaela - Gown - Ruby

Raphaela - Gown - Ice

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