Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Bethany Ruby

There’s one new release today, and that is Bethany. Available in seven colors, and in two different metallic trim colors (silver and gold), Bethany is an eight piece set with multiple ways to wear it. Two skirt types, one much larger for those who prefer the full, grand, ballroom look, and also a slimmer one, for those preferring a more sleek look.

Bethany Onyx

Bethany is every bit the role player’s gown, with very much a ‘princess’ theme. From the ruffles at the chest, the sleeves dripping with sheer fabric, to the basque waist, it is every bit feminine, and detailed. Even with that royal air, though, she can be worn by any lady, perhaps to a fancy ball, or other grand event. Whatever the occassion, if you’re looking for something unique and lovely – Bethany is something to consider.

Bethany Sapphire

Bethany gowns are available now, at Kouse’s Sanctum.


Gowns: Kouse’s Sanctum

Skin: LAQ

Hair: Truth

Eyes: Banana Banshee

Backgrounds: Magenta Bing

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