Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Johanna - Dreaming

Johanna is one of the newest releases from Kouse’s Sanctum. It’s one of three gowns made available today, the other two will be discussed later. Johanna isn’t just a gown – it’s also a jewelry set. Both are displayed on the first image. Utilizing vibrant colors and intricate primwork, it’s a labor of love that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Johanna - Visitation

I made Johanna with a key thought in mind – versatility. Wear the belt and matching jewelry for a more role play oriented look, or take off the belt itself and you’ll be left with a striking formal gown. The hair roses are included, and match the sculpted roses on the belt, with silver leaves and stems, and petals of fabric.

Johanna - Turning to the Shadows

The gowns are available in several deep jewel tones, and the jewelry, sold separately, is available in both silver and gold, with gem change scripting. More pictures and credits after the cut!

Johanna - Shield

Johanna - Recoil

Johanna - Glance


Gowns and jewelry: Kouse’s Sanctum

Skins: LAQ, Nomine, Little Pricks

Eyes: Nomine

Lashes: C + C (Now closed)

Hair: Truth, Boon

Poses: Oracul, Del May, Creative Insanity.

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