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Charlotte - Emerald

I made something new! Well, not really new, not to me, anyhow. The textures for Charlotte were originally made months ago, but somehow, I’d forgotten all about them, until stumbling on them again a few weeks back and deciding “Hmm, I really need to make something with this.” What followed is what you see before you know, the Charlotte gowns.

Charlotte - Dawn 2

I wanted to create it with a Victorian kind of bustle, but I also appreciate that not everyone cares for that. The bustle is hence -optional- and is part of the belt attachment. Charlotte is available in nine regular colors, mainly deep jewel tones, but also a white version. There’s also a wedding version in the Bridal section of the store, which includes puff sleeves and a veil as bonuses.

Charlotte - Ruby

And for those who love to accessorize, I’ve also made a matching  jewelry set, also named Charlotte. You can see it, and more pictures of the Charlotte gowns, and info on how to get yourself a 500L avatar, after the break. 🙂

Charlotte - Frost

Charlotte - Azure

For those wondering about the avatar I eluded to, Charlotte – The Gothic Queen – is it. It comes complete with a Gothic version of the Charlotte gown, silver and ruby jewelry, hair, skin, eyes, shape, the works, all in one box currently only 500L. You can find it at the front of the main store, on the left hand side (Near the Midnight Mania board).

Charlotte - Gothic Queen II

Charlotte - Jewelry Set - Silver - Ad

*Please note jewelry in the promo pics is a currently unreleased set. It’ll be coming soon!

Everything worn in the promo images is by Kouse’s Sanctum with the exception of eyes and skin in pics 1-5. The skin is from LAQ, and the eyes are from Celestial Studios.

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