Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Destiny II~

Destiny II - Onyx

For those who’ve been following my work for a long time, it may come to recollection a certain gown from June of 2008, called Destiny. Destiny II is a remake of the original Destiny gown, but yet, redone to a point where it’s a completely unique style of it’s own.

Destiny II - Periwinkle

I wanted Destiny II to feel like a fairytale in fabric. To achieve this I mixed the soft poof sleeves, and panniers on the skirt with an overlay incorporating more of an angular kerchief look. The same is reflected in the sleeves themselves upon closer inspection. This, along with the silver sequins and metallic stars adorning both bodice and overlay, created a gown that I’m very pleased with.

Destiny II - Ivory

Destiny II is available at Kouse’s Sanctum now, in a range of colours, from pastels, to brights, to jewel tones. So whether your preference is for light, sweet tones, bold brights, or dramatically deep colours, there’s something there that’ll be sure to please.  Another image, as well as credits, are after the jump.

Destiny II - Sapphire


Gowns: Destiny II from Kouse’s Sanctum

Hair:  Hot Mess from Kouse’s Sanctum and Sasha from fri.day

Skin: Alison Glow from LAQ

Earrings: Camilla from Kouse’s Sanctum

Wings in first image: Material Squirrel

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