Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Years ago, before I moved away from the City, I met a wonderful, dear friend. Her name is Cassandra – we called her Cassie. A lover of magic and a kindred spirit, she’s forever made an impression on my life and on my heart. I made this gown with thoughts of her, and of our friendship.

Cassie Pixie Stick

Initially made to capture iridescent tones of pastels, there’s also a black, and white version, of Cassie available. She’s a more modern gown, with a halter neck, tying at the nape with a sweet ribbon. The skirt is not too slender or bulky, and moves prettily, especially when dancing. Both the bodice and the belt are adorned with pretty little embroidered butterflies to add a extra touch of detail.

Cassie Salt Water Taffy

The main premise of the gown was simplicity, and I feel it carried through the creation process well. Completing the look is Mima skin from LAQ, and Hot Mess hair, also by Kouse’s Sanctum. The pictures were all taken on the Avilion Nexus sim. There’s a few more pictures after the break, so take a peek!

Cassie Wintermint

Cassie Lemondrop

Cassie Licorice

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