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Anarella Snow

First off, my apologies for two posts to close together. Again in the theme of some catching up, is another very recent release, Anarella. A few times the question has come up, “Where did the name Anarella come from?” There’s a story involved. I shall keep it brief, though. A lovely lady came to me with a drawn image of a very lovely pink gown. She said she really wanted to see this recreated, and posed the challenge of bringing it to life to me. Loving the image right from the start (and I definitely love a challenge) I set to work on what would turn into a long, painstaking, but worthwhile endeavor.

It was this lady’s mission to find a name for the gown. After several days of deliberation the verdict of ‘Anarella’ came in, as a cross between Anastasia, and Cinderella, a crossing of a real life princess with a tragic story, and the fairytale princess who got her happily ever after.

Anarella Golden Midnight

Created in a bit of a mix of the Rococo and Georgian styles, with my own interpretations mingled in, Anarella began to take shape. But when the gown itself was done, I wasn’t satisfied. It didn’t seem to be…enough. The idea of a hat came, and so I made it. A small woven hat with roses and ribbon adorning it to match each respective gown.

More after the cut!

Anarella Folage

Then, the hat didn’t seem enough. And I could find no hair style that quite pleased me to go with it. So, once again drawing from Georgian and Rococo styles, ‘The Duchess’ hair style was born. Four colours of this hair are included with each Anarella gown as a special bonus, as it was made to fit the included hat. A full range of colours of The Duchess hair can be found at the Kouse’s Sanctum Hair Boutique, too.

Anarella Ruby

Anarella is available in a massive range of colours, pastels, mid tones, and jewel tones. The skin used in the pictures is from LAQ, my eyes are by Rosie’s Thingies, and the poses are from *~*Hopscotch*~*. The earrings are part of the new Ambrosia set, also at Kouse’s Sanctum, along with the gowns.

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