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Natasha Snow

The Natasha gowns are out now! Yay! I absolutely love love love how they turned out, even though it wasn’t quite as planned. For the first time in a long time, I actually drew out concept sketches before making the textures. The reason being, I got the idea for these gowns as I was headed to bed one night, and was way too tired to actually start the textures then. So, grabbing a pencil and paper I sketched out the main points I wanted to ensure I used, then began the texture making process the following morning.

Natasha Midnight

The first main point I wanted to be sure to use was the chain of diamonds, weighed down by a large teardrop gem at the bust. It’s pretty, adds a touch to detail to what’s meant to be a simple design, and gave me an excuse to have jewels adorning a gown. I also wanted to include long gloves, which is something I haven’t touched in a long time, and as far as I can recall, the only gloves I’ve done in the past have been fingerless. So a change of pace was a nice break and fun, too.

Natasha Parchment

Again in the theme of simplicity, I didn’t want the details on the textures to be overbearing, so when I chose to add butterfly detailing to the over layers on the skirt, I made them subtle, but if you look you’ll see them. Also, I’ve included *both* black and white gloves with each Natasha gown, so that you can choose whichever matches your other accessories and your tastes best. I actually found using pastel shades with black gloves and a black fedora to be a striking combo.

Natasha Amethyst

Natasha is available in seven jewel tones and in seven pastel shades. So whether the look you’re aiming for is light and spring inspired, or deep and dramatic, there’s a color for you. There’s another image after the break, and you can find images of each shade Natasha is available in here.

Natasha Periwinkle

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  1. These are honestly stunning- and the wide color selection is awesome. I love how you do the skirts of your gowns, they move so beautifully. So many ballgowns- while supposed to have been designed for that ballroom dancing- have skirts that do not move well with dancing- yours do like a dream! 🙂 Sorry to gush, I’ve just been looking for gowns for formal events like yours for a long while- ones that aren’t flashy & overdone, but aren’t boring and are sexy in a classy way. I’m so glad you were on Fabulous Fashion, and were so generous with the gift gown (I did a whole post just geeking out over it, hehe) because you definitely have a new superfan in me.

    April 29, 2010 at 10:33 am

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