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~Glimmer Midnight and Snow~

Glimmer Snowy Rose

As promised, I am finally getting to doing the post on these. The original Glimmer gowns are now available in another type…Snowy and Midnight. The bonus prize from the Ice Hunt back in January left me getting a lot of messages that more of these black meets colour/white meets color combos that I ended up making a bunch for your enjoyment. Now each, black, and white, is available in your choice of 6 different pastel sashes. These versions of Glimmer include all the same options as the original, including a short skirted version!

Glimmer Midnight Sky

In other news, there’s a lot more jewelry in the Treasury now, so if “Antigone” is not in your collection, check them out. There’s a lot of unique versions within the Treasury, however none of them are scripted. All are no copy/no mod/yes trans, however, so you can give them as gifts! Gem change scripted versions will be available for sale soon.

Glimmer Midnight Rose

There’s another pic after the break, other than that, that’s all for me right now. Have a wonderful day, and a very happy Easter!

Glimmer Snowy Gold

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