Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Christina Deux~

Christina Deux Twilight Preview

I know it’s a little late, but here’s the post (and pretty pictures) of the new Christina Deux gowns. I made the first one of these as a special edition of Christina, the original gown that I made around a year ago. That special edition used the first version of the newly updates textures In two tones, and the ball gown skirt from the Mira gowns. It was ‘Twilight’.

Christina Deux Autumn

Then, while playing around with the colours I ended up making several combinations I thought were too pretty to waste. I recreated the skirt to give a slimmer look, but maintain the sculpted ruffles and bows at the waist. Then I thought, well the skirt looks lovely two ways, with the silver leaves that are on the bodice, and without them, too. Thus both versions of this new skirt are included with each.

Christina Deux Berry

Also different from the original Christina gowns are the sleeves. In Christina Deux, it’s a much longer, more Medieval look. Using the skybox created by Saiyge Lotus, offered in the WILD.Released event, and lovely earthy adornment in the form of leaves and flowers by Siyu Suen of Illusions, I took many a picture, some of which are in this post, and you can find a few more in my Flickr stream if you click through the images.

Christina Deux Ocean

Also, I’ve replaced the RFL vendors with the newer updated versions, and you can find them near the front of the new main store in Avilion Peninsula. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this cause so far, I was incredibly impressed by the turn out at the Clothing Fair and looking forward very much to offering you more Relay items as time progresses and we approach the actual Relay date. As another note, a post on the new variants of the Glimmer gowns will be coming soon!

And as my -final- note for this post, if you haven’t had a chance to raid the treasury, try it, it’s loads of fun, and I’m being moved by the many IM’s I’ve received from ladies telling me how friendly and helpful everyone is being. You, ladies, are the best!

Hair: Analog Dog

Skin: Kouse’s Sanctum :p

Jewelry: Illusions

Wings: Seven’s Selections

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