Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

Kouse’s Sanctum’s RFL Goodies

If you’ve seen my Plurk posts you may have seen me showing these images already, or if you’ve been to the Clothing Fair probably seen them there. If you missed the fair, the RFL items I’m offering for this year’s Relay are now up in Avilion Peninsula.

Glimmer - Relay - Ad

Phillys - Relay - Ad

Mira - Royal - Relay - Ad

Diana - Relay - Ad

Ariel - Relay - Ad

Mira - Pastel - Relay - Ad

And as a bonus:

Relay Draw Ad

One lucky winner will be awarded with a $10,000 shopping spree at the Sanctum! The draw will happen sometime next week, and the winner will be announced in the next in-world release note.

As I’ve mentioned to my Subscribo members, Kouse’s Sanctum will be moving soon, the mainstore will move to Avilion Peninsula. While the build is mostly complete, the vendors aren’t all up. I hope to have everything ready soon, but in the mean time, the discount section is still there, now it’s in the south west section of the sim.

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