Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum


Nahlayea - White

Nahlayea began a long time ago as a princess in a story I wrote one year while I was still in high school. In this story, she was an Enchantress, who, after ascending to the role of Queen with her King by her side, found her realm ensnared by a war with a vast army headed by an evil witch. Nahlayea, using every ounce of her spirit and courage, sacrificed her own life to weave a spell powerful enough to overcome this evil, and protect her country. Of all the stories I’ve written over time, the tale of Nahlayea is still one of my favourites, and I thought I would honour this character with a gown named for her.

Nahlayea - Midnight

Nahlayea was a lady of elegance, and so I attempted to capture that with this gown. Silver embroidery upon the hem of the underskirt gives testament to this, as does embroidery matching the gown’s hue upon the bust.

Nahlayea - Lime

The over skirt, fashioned of many light layers of gossamer fabric, ties into a neat knot at the front, creating the illusion of an almost Basque waist. Likewise, similar ties fasten the armbands in place. Both are trimmed with silver cords, a simple and pretty way to finish them off.

Nahlayea - Grape

Below are a few more pictures, I’ll clue up the textual explanation now as images can speak louder and more directly than words ever could. Worn with these gowns is the Themis necklace, also available in store. Also worn is hair from JE*Republic and skin from LAQ.

Nahlayea - Chartreuse

Nahlayea - Dawn

Nahlayea - Garnet

Nahlayea - Cerulean

Nahlayea - White 2

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