Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Tatiana Gowns~

Tatiana 1

Again on the theme of catching up on new releases, the Tatiana gowns. These are more of a simple, basic Medieval gown, designed to be a more down to earth creation that is more comfortable for every day Medieval role-playing. The Tatiana gown’s hand drawn textures pull this off, without losing any of the delicate, ornate detail found in the belt and trim.

Tatiana 3

Including both fingerless gloves, and flex sleeves, there are a few ways in which this gown can be worn, as these images help illustrate. Even without the belt, flex sleeves, and gloves, it’s still a lovely and sleek, form fitting piece of beauty.

Tatiana 2

I created these in darker tones then most of my creations, as I felt a bit of a change of pace was in order. The choice to make the trim be gold was simple, and the below image shows the detail of the prim belt made just for this gown.

Tatiana belt detail

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