Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

~Lynet Renewed~

Lynet 5

The newest release in the Sanctum is actually one of the oldest, completely overhauled and reworked with the textures being modified, and some new textures added, as well as completely new prim work. I present to you, the new incarnation of Lynet.

Lynet 3

Lynet in it’s first form was one of the first gowns I’d ever made in SL, and I’ve come such a long way since then, but still loved the original textures from that gown. I decided it was time I breathe new life into the gowns, and these images show some of the result of that.

Lynet 1

The Lynet gowns are available in three variations. Lynet itself, is a monochrome gown, available in eight jewel tones, with system top, glitch pants, prim skirt, and prim over skirt included. There are also two ’wench’ variations – something completely different for the Sanctum.

Lynet 2

Lynet Wench, includes white flex sleeves, black top and overskirt, with the skirt itself being the element that varies from gown to gown. There are seven different wench gowns, each with a different hue of skirt.

Lynet Wench 1

Lynet Wench Deux utilizes a white skirt and white sleeves, with the top and overskirt being the variant. This emulates the under dress/overdress style of Medieval gown, something nice and simple for every day ladies who appreciate comfort.

Lynet Wench Deux 1

Take a peek after the jump for a close up of the back of the bodice.

Lynet 6

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