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~Cyrenia Deux~

Cyrenia Deux 6

It’s been rather hectic for me of late with all thing different projects I’ve been working on, both in and out of SL. With all the posts to do with the photo contest, it’s high time I caught up on posts about the releases, and so to start, the Cyrenia Deux gowns, which were released at the same time as the Ariel gowns.

Cyrenia Deux 5

Both gowns utilize the same gorgeous, flowing skirt with careful, intricate prim work. With layer upon layer of both solid and sheer fabrics, a resplendent cascading bustle, and finished off with sculpted roses, the skirt will catch every eye.

Cyrenia Deux 3

Cyrenia Deux, like her sister gowns, comes in a total of 15 shades, both pastels and jewel tones. The delicate matching circlet veils are also included, and just like the original Cyrenia gowns, they are endowed with gem change capability…simply click to choose from 11 gems, so that your ensemble will match effortlessly with any accessories you choose to have accompany it.

More after the jump, so please click the link to read on!

Cyrenia Deux 4

Also, Cyrenia shoes can be found in the main store at Avilion Vale. They are simple, versatile heels, available in all the same shades as the Cyrenia and Cyrenia Deux gowns. Their versatility also makes them useable with any number of other outfits, as well.

Cyrenia Deux 2

As a side note, skins used in these images is from LAQ, and hair is from both Exile, and ETD.

Cyrenia Deux 1

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