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New Release: Ariel Gowns

Ariel Pic Ten

Greetings to you, reader! I’m pleased to come to you today with a new release, the Ariel gowns. These are the original gowns that this rose embellished bustle skirt was designed for, though I found the skirt also worked really well with my Cyrenia textures. And so, soon the Cyrenia gowns will all be available in the ‘Special Edition’ package that was featured in the hunt celebrating the Subscribo hitting over 500 members.

Ariel Pic Two

The Ariel gowns, in their coloured versions, blend rich tones to create a sumptuous look. Green is tempered with a dusky pink, blue with teal, purple with blue, red with purple, and then there is the simple yet elegant white, the purity of which is maintained as a single white hue adorned with the same gold trim as the others.

Ariel Pic Three

The bodice carries a glittering ripple pattern, the central point of which originates on one side of the torso and radiates outward to the other. The delicate golden roses and leaves that adorn the skirt are matched by similar, smaller roses on the armbands.

Ariel Pic Six

The full skirt shifts gracefully, each layer in it, and it’s bustle, softly flow with your every move. I returned to Chakryn Forest to produce these images for this post. I was more than happy to return to that glorious forest, and I highly recommend taking some time to visit it.

Ariel Pic Seven

As you can see, I took a great amount of pictures. I only show a small sampling of those taken, it was impossible to limit my selection to just three or four pictures, and I felt all of the five colour variations deserved to be shown, so I hope that you will enjoy viewing them.

Ariel Pic One

Tomorrow, August 11th, the SeaBreeze Oasis location will be closing, so I can focus on Avilion Vale. I am still in the process of updating ads and organizing the displays in Avilion Vale, it’s starting to shape up very nicely. I also want to give my deep thanks to everyone who’s participated in the Photo Contest thus far, and encourage those who haven’t to take the time to, everyone will go home on the 20th with at least one prize, so give it your best shot!

Ariel Pic Four

These gowns can be fond here. I leave you now with a few more pictures, and the ads for the gowns are after the cut.

Ariel Pic Eight

Ariel Pic Five

Ariel Detail Pic

Ariel - Ice

Ariel - Dusk - Ad

Ariel - Raindrops - Ad

Ariel - Aurora - Ad

Ariel - Flora - Ad

Skin from: LAQ

Hair from: Analog Dog

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