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Subscribe-o-matic and the Special Hunt

subscribo ad

In case you haven’t yet heard, there will be a switchover to the new Subscribe-o-matic system that’s not in place in the Sanctum. The transition won’t be immediate, and I want to make it as smooth as possible for everyone. When you click one of the Subscribo kiosks in the Sanctum, you’ll receive this version of the Boleyn Girl gown, a special edit in Caribbean blue. With this system, if you stay subscribed you’ll receive all the benefits of the original group except for a few small things, namely that this won’t take a precious group slot, and a few items in the Secret Chamber still require the original group tag for purchase. In time that will be remedied however, so don’t fret.

In just a few days since the first official in world announcement of this system, over 500 members have subscribed. So, in celebration of this, there’s a little hunt going on right now in which three special editions of the new Cyrenia gown can be found for just 50L each. Those are in the staple colours of Ruby, Snow, and Midnight. Pictured below is the ruby version.

These gowns also include cute sculpty shoes! Be sure to hunt these out while you can, they’ll be released later on with more colours at the regular price. The hunt will take you to all three locations, Avilion Vale, Seabreeze Oasis, and the newest one, Vanity Fayre.

Cyrenia Special Ed - Ruby

Also, as was mentioned on the note card to the group, the SeaBreeze Oasis location will be closing it’s doors permanently on August 11th so that I can more easily focus on one location: Avilion Vale.

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