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Cyrenia - Pic 2

Ah, I’ve finally finished making this series, and I -must- close the door to my workshop and take a break. I had a lot of fun making this set from illustrating the textures to creating the prims, and even more taking all the pretty pictures, and there are many of them, so if you feel like seeing them all, you can find them after the break.

cyrenia pic 3

I created this set so that it would look both elegant, but not far fetched. I wanted to create something that every lady, be she Fae or human, or whatever, would see this is a set for consideration. For that reason, I decided to make it quite customizable, so that you can easily make it your own, completely unique to you, through the wide array of available colours, and the fact that there are many options for how it can be worn. With 13 pieces, I feel this goal is achieved and hope you feel the same!

cyrenia pic 4

Pieces include no less than three types of prim sleeve, a slim type, and a more fancy form that comes in solid and sheer varieties in each package. There’s a full length skirt that can easily fit the grandeur of a ballroom or the comfort of running about in a forest, and a short skirt to offer more freedom from the traditional. Also included is a delicate circlet veil to complete the ensemble, finished with gem change scripting.

cyrenia pic 5

There are 15 shades available, with nine of them being jewel tones, and 6 being pastels. The jewel tones have golden thread to trim them, and the pastels have silver. Likewise, the pastels include silver circlets, and the jewel tones include gold circlets. There are also two fat packs, one a bundle of all jewel tones, the other a collection of the pastels. Both allow you to get the sets at a total of 20% off the regular price, so if you have indecision about which colours you want, this may be the thing for you.

Cyrenia 6

There’s a sampling of some of the ads after the break, so feel free to take a peek!

Cyrenia - Ruby - Ad

Cyrenia - Sapphire - Ad

Cyrenia - Midnight Gold - Ad

Cyrenia - Snow - Ad

Cyrenia - Lilac - Ad

Cyrenia - Magenta - Ad

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