Enter the realm of Kouse's Sanctum

Featured Gown: Gaia

Gaia Gowns 2

Today I’m doing a post to give this gown the attention I feel it deserves. Though I made it a long time ago, it’s still one of my favourites. Gaia was one of my first attempts at incorporating nature into a gown and I think that for a first attempt, it went fairly well. With its detailed fabric and oak leaf trim, it captures nature in a unique way, each of the seven available colours lending a different quality to the textures.

Please read the rest of this post, which is after the break!

Gaia Gowns1

The translucence of both sleeves and overskirt works prettily to create a soft feminine look. With the large ball gown style skirt, one feels like a princess as they stroll through nature, though, still looking as though they belong there, even with such formal attire. I recently discovered Chakryn Forest and fell in love with it, and I chose it as the location for these images, which weren‘t edited except to crop them, and add borders.

Gaia Gowns 3

I’m still working on a lot of new things for the Sanctum, and I’m going to try to lump several things into one update, so as to lessen the overall amount of messages you all are sent. Some big changes are coming for the Sanctum, I’ll speak more about that when the time is right.

As a note, the hair is Natalie in Chocolate, also available at the Sanctum. The Gaia gowns shown are Chocolate and Silver. My skin is from Laqroki.

You can find Chakryn Forest here.

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